ɔfɛ1ɔfɛ́ pl.ɩfɛ́n.ropeFʋdɛ ɔfɛ bɩtɩ.You are pulling a rope.Tsu ɔfɛ amʋ ba, anpʋ wa ɔbwɩ amʋ. Bring the rope so that I can tether the animal (tether is implied, but may just mean put a rope on the animal).Bʋtama kiki ɔfɛ ɔbwɩ amʋ ansɩtɔ.Don't give advance of intentions to harm.They don't twist the rope in front of the animal., stringcomp.da ɔfɛtɔtiedopulu ɔfɛumbilical cordcomp.wa ɔfɛtether

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