wanŋʷãʔv.1to be startled or scaredAlaha mɩ nawan.He has made me startled.Nyankpʋ amʋ lokpie kʋklʋ sʋ lɛha anɩlɔwan.It thundered loudly so it startled us. amazement2to suddenly do something; used with other verbs in a serial verbph. v.wan kʋsʋwan tsinki3to get something in a scramble of peopleNawan awun du.I got ten shillings (when tossed in a scramble)Nɔtswɩ mango amʋ ha nyebi amʋ ánɩ́ bʋwan, ɔha ánɩ́ olenya mʋ́ a, alatsu.I threw the mango for the children to scramble for; the one that gets it, he should take it. quickly7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere

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