ibwiibʷi (H) pl.abwicontractionbwin.1stonesBalɛ mʋ ibwi. He has fallen into disrepute; no one bothers him. He has been declared an outcast.They have taken out his stoneNɩ bɔtswɩ abwi da fʋ a, fépilan.If they throw a stone at you, it will hurt you.ɔdɩɛbwialtarasubwistone pileibwi alatɔcaveibwi ɔbɔtɔcaveiyabwigrinding stonekwebigrinding stonetɔnsɩ kwɛbwigrindstoneIdiom:ɔprada ibwistone, special2slang term for money (plural only)6.8.6Money

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