ɔ- -tɔɔ- -tɔ/tɔ́ pl.a- -tɔv. > n.cfxan tool used in or associated with doing something; ɔ-X-tɔ something that is used in doing X.abie things to bathe withɔbɩa needle (north dialect)abon things that stinkɔbwa frying panada steela stone to break palm kernelsafɛɩ broomsafin lids (thing to close)ɔka cutting tool – krantɩɛ (cutlass/machete); ɔdayi (knife)a weaponsakpita painting thingsakwi digging toolsakun things for cutting down treesanɩna cooking toolsaplei toys; musical instrumentsapula items buried with a corpse; ɔklan (mat); atati (cloths); daka (coffin); sika (money) affixes

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