tɩn1tɪ̃ʔ v.1to cut off the top or most valuable part7.8.3Cut7.5.2.4Remove, take apartcomp.tɩn nyɔpʋweantɩn ɔhabeheadtɩn ɔnɔexcuseph. v.tɩn ketecircumcisetɩn wudie early2to harvest bananas, plantain or palm nutsFɔyɔ ndɔtɔ a, tɩn kwadu ba mɩ. When you go to farm, harvest some bananas for me.6.2.5Harvestcomp.tɩnbɩharvest time3to happen suddenly8.4.8.3Suddenph. v.tɩn dacollapsetɩn lalafall face up

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