tɛtɛ1tɛ́tɛʔ der. ofREDUP1v.1to search by scratching; as a fowlƆbatebi ɔtɛtɛ nwunasʋ dʋbɩ a, ɔtɔtʋ mʋ yín awu. When you are too inquisitive, you will find out things you don't want to know.When a chick scratches the trash heap too much, it will meet its mother's bones.7.6.1Search1.6.4.2Animal eating2to investigateNdɛ mʋ ɔnɔtɔ asʋn tɛtɛ nu. I am pecking at his mouth for words.I am investigating him (I am milking him for information). a crime

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