sikasika n.1moneyAlafɛ kpoli sʋ, ɔbʋ sika tsɔtsɔɔtsɔ.He has sold some maize so he has plenty of money.Sika asʋn nɩ.There's not enough money.This is a money matter.Alapʋ mʋ sika amʋ lɔtswɩ sika ɔyaɩkpa Kpando.He has gone to deposit his money in the bank at Kpando.cfkɔbamoney1.2.2.3Metal6.8.6Money2precious metalSika pɛpɛ bʋbia dʋn sika fututu. Gold is more valuable than silver. fututusilversika pɛpɛgold

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