obonobṍʔdial. var.ebonSn.the kind of clay used to make potteryObon bʋtɔpʋ pwɛ nlɛpɛ mʋ́a nlanka aná.They use obon clay to make clay dishes, pots and others.Obon ma anɩ Nkonya nfɩ, Fesi aná fénya mʋ́ nɩ. Nɩ bɔpwɛ ta a, bʋtɔtɔ mʋ́, tamɛ ɩtamabwiebwie.Clay is not in Nkonya here, you will find them in Fesi area. When they finish sculpting, they fire them but they never break into pieces., dirt6.6.2.4Working with clay

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