pulapúlá v.1buryBopula fuli amʋ. They buried the body.Nɩ ɔha owu a, anɩtopula mʋ, la mʋ oli. When someone dies we bury him and prepare his funeral.ʋburier2to be under the groundKwi agbodi amʋ pula mɛnɩ ɩmóokun okude. Dig the cassava and bury it so that it will not spoil.Gyongyo kpɔnkpɔntɩ ɔkʋ lopula mɩ ɔlɔ́ asɩ odesu.A big toad is buried (half in the dirt) at the foot of my pot. He is croaking.7.8.6Dig

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