nyankpʋkpie1ɲaŋ͡mk͡pʊ́k͡píeʔ(L)n.1thunderNyankpʋ amʋ dekpie dʋbɩ, fialɩ obótswie. It is thundering a lot, perhaps it will rain.cfkpie2 2thunder1.1.3.6Lightning, thunder2small brown scorpionOrder: ScorpionesIn the Northern dialect this is any scorpion, in the southern this is only the big black ones. The little brown ones are aganɛ, borrowed from Ewe. Nyankpʋ kpie is cognate with other Guang languages.Nyankpʋkpie ɔsʋra fʋ a, ɩbʋ ɔsɩn. If a scorpion stings you it is painful.cfaganɛscorpion1.6.1.8Spider

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