mlɩmlɪ pro.1you(plural);2nd person pluralNyankpʋ amʋ lada mlɩ dʋbɩ. The rain has beaten you too much.The rain has soaked you (pl).cf1 1you(sg.)9.2.3Pronounsder.mlɩaasay, you (pl)mlɩyaagreet A.M.22nd person plural possessiveMlɩ atoduhɛ amʋ lakwɛ wanklaan. The things you planted have sprouted well.Mlɩ anyawie amʋ bɛba. Your friends are coming.Mlɩ natɩ yɔ woyitɔ.You(pl.) go to your houses.cf1 2your(sg.)9.2.3Pronouns

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