olu1oluʔ(H) dial. var.eluSn.hatred; envyAsi olu wa, nyankpʋsa megyi tɔtɔ. We should stop hating, people are nothing.Olu bʋ amʋ́ woyitɔ ɩnʋ wanklaan, mʋ́ sʋ tɔtɔ tamawa alɛ ɩnʋ.There is too much hatred in their house, and so nothing is good there.Asi olu wa. Nyanpʋsa megyi hwɩɩ; Lowu ma nkɛ; Mlɩha abwɛ apio. Nyanpʋsa gyi fɛ afú. Ɔyɔ ɔtra ɔmɛba. Song lyrics: Let us stop hating each other. A human being is nothing. Death can come any time (Literally, Death has no day). Let us be brothers and sisters. A human being is like the wind. He goes away and will not come again., ill will

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