ɩma wuluɪma wulusay. ofɩ-2ma3wuluadj.It is uselessBɛblɩ, fɛɛ "Ao nanu... (repeat)" Mmotsuda-eee Mmotsuda ma wulu. Ɩbwɛ fʋ ta, ɩlawankɩ fʋWhen they advise you, say "O.K. I have heard/agreed." "I won't agree . . . I won't agree" is useless. When it is all finished for you; it will be clear to you. (If your refuse you come to regret it.)They say. You say, "OK, I have heard." "I won't agree . . . I won't agree" has no town. It is done for you and finished; it has shone on you.Bɛblɩ, fɛɛ "Ao nanu... Previous example as lyrics to a song.

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