mbusuombusuon.blasphemyBrɛa ɔlɔyɔ owie woyitɔ a, ɔlɔbɔ mbusuo.When he went to the chief's house, he blasphemed.Igyi mbusuo ánɩ́ ɔha obowu owie woyitɔ.It is blasphemy for someone to die in the chief's house.Ɔtsɩ amʋ lɔbwɛ mbusuo brɛa ɔlɛda owie amʋ oswe.The woman blasphemed when she slapped the chief.cfafɔdɩɛoffering; sacrifice4.9.9Irreligion8.3.7.1Badcomp.lɛ mbusuosacrifice

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