ta cfhianneedv.1to finishNabwɛ ta. I have finished.Ɔkandɩɛtɔ tatida lata. The lantern wick (rag) is finished., finishcomp.owí lataevening2almostOlowu ta.He almost died.Nɩ oputsu ta atogyihɛtɔ a, ɩma agyilɛ.If the soup in the food finishes it is not easy to eat.Olegyi ta.He almost finished eating.Mʋ lowu lafʋn ta.His death has almost reached.He is about to die. v.ta V tanearly3to do something oftenNkʋnʋ fʋdɛta bɔtsʋn yɔ alɩ a?Where do you often go when you pass here?

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