lɛ mbusuolɛ́ mbusuoFrom:Akanmbusuocomp. ofmbusuo1v.animal sacrificeAkʋ bada aba wa sʋ bahɔ kufa bɛyɛlɛ mbusuo. Certain ones have called fetish so they have bought a sheep and they are going to remove the curse, sacrifice it.Ahandɛn bʋdɛ mbusuo lɛ sʋ bɛɛ ɔhaa mayɔ ndɔ ndɛ. The elders are going to offer sacrifices so they have said that no one should go to farm.Ɔtsɩ amʋ lɛ da ɔyasʋbi amʋ wa, ba mʋ́ mbusuo, sʋ asʋn lata.The woman invoked a curse on the young and they have removed the curse so the case is finished., sacrifice4.9.7.3Islam4.9.7.7Animism

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