gyi biaʤi bíá comp. ofgyi2 2bia2 buy or sell in a market; to bargain for a priceƆtsɩ amʋ oleyegyi bia Bumbula biasʋ. The woman went to market at Bumbula market.Ɔbɛɛ, obéyegyi bia Bumbula obiakɛ.She says she is going to market on Bumbula market day.Nɩ natɩ bʋ ɩkatɔ a, bʋ tamagyibia.If spider is hiding in the grass they don't bargain on his price (Don't buy a pig in a poke).Yegyi ɔbwɩ amʋ bia ha mɩ. Ɔha amʋ ɔda ɔbwe amʋ ibia a, fówun fagyibia ha mɩ.Go bargain for the animal for me. He should give a price so that you can bargain for me., marketplacecomp.bia ogyipʋmerchant

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