Nkonya is the language spoken in the Nkonya Traditional Areas in the Volta Region of Ghana. There are about 25,000 people in the Nkonya area, of whom perhaps 14,000 speak Nkonya as their first language.

In the language itself, the language name is pronounced (but not spelled) Nkunyá. A single speaker is pronounced Okunyáyin with the plural being Nkunyáfɔ. The land where they live is also called Nkunyá. They live mainly in about 13 towns in the Volta Region, bordering on Lake Volta, between 7° 5" N and 7° 17" N and between 0° 15" E and 0° 22" E. This is an area along the Kpando-Worawora road from about 11 km north of Kpando up to (but not including) Kwamekrom, 34 km north of Kpando. Maps showing the location of the Nkonya language are here. The official ISO code for Nkonya is nko.