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ŋgaw1Lnv1distribution; from gaw2a share of something
ŋgaw2boŋgawL.LLkenteen1/21bowl2container3dish4calabash for fufu or native food dish
ŋgaw3ŋgáwlm.Mn9/10scale of a fish
ŋgawsɛndiŋgawsɛnHHŋgawfsɛnn5/131detour; a roundabout way to get past an obstacle2opening or passage
ŋgayboŋgayL.LLn1/21compound hall2dance place
ŋgaymabongaymaLH.LLHnv1/2greeting; from gay
ŋgayweeŋgaybonyiiMLL.MMMLn1/21elder2adultWee ewvum ŋgaywee, ɛ́ ŋgaywee wvum wan caan.A person should respect an elder and an elder respect a child.wee wvu kufeensafwe
ŋgbwaa ndiediŋgbwaa ndieML HHn5/13nose bridge
ŋgbwanboŋgbwanL.LLn1/2any stick, rope, or flexible thing used to beat or whip someone
ŋgbway1Hvbe sourkeemgbwayŋgbwayɛŋgbwayteŋgbwaytèŋgbwayɛɛ
ŋgbway2ŋgayM.Mn3/41dry branch2piece of stick
ŋgbway bvushiwH MHvfrown; to wrinkle the forehead as in anger or disapprovalkeeŋgbway bvushiwŋgbwayɛ bvushiwŋgbwayte bvushiwŋgbwaytè bvushiwŋgbwayɛɛ bvushiwsuu fojise, suu bvushiw, ŋgbway fojise
ŋgbway fojiseH LMHvfrown; to wrinkle the forehead as in anger or disapprovalkeeŋgbway fojiseŋgbwayɛ fojiseŋgbwayte fojiseŋgbwaytè fojiseŋgbwayɛɛ fojisesuu fojise, suu bvushiw, ŋgbway bvushiw
ŋgbwayŋgbwayHHadj1sour; not sweet to taste2salty3acidic4saturated5rancid; unpleasant oily taste or smell of something that is not fresh
ŋgbwekɛnboŋgbwekɛnLLn1/2syphilis; a sexually transmitted disease
ŋgbweleLLnvharvest; the gathering of crops when they have become ripe and ready to pick; from gbwele
ŋgbweŋseŋgeŋseHH.HHn3/4wormlumbriscus terristis
ŋgbwɛŋgbwɛ́L.mln9/10a type of food crop, perhaps a white carrotDiɛw ɛ lem ŋgbwɛ can ɛ die cii.Diɛw has cultivated a type of food crop and monkeys have eaten it all.
ŋgbwɛ fikanL LMn9/10kind of root used as medicine
ŋgbwɛy1boŋgbwɛylh.Llhn1/2tree having light bark which is used by carvers, often to make gun stocks
ŋgbwɛy2ŋgɛyM.Mn3/4leg of an insect
ŋgbwɛy3diŋgbwɛyMgweeyn5/13navel cord; also called the umbilical cord, it is the cord that connects the unborn baby with the placenta of the mother and transmits nourishment from the mother
ŋgbwowdiŋgbwowhln3/13skull; the bony structure that encloses the brainŋkpwake ɛkolɛ