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ŋgɛw wvu baayM H HHn1/21Bibl.eternal punishment2hell
ŋgɛy1ŋgɛ́yLn9/10smooth thatching grass; one type is very short (20 cm) and the other is long (1 metre); the short type may be used for weaving straw hats
ŋgɛy2Hv1bedridden, confined to bed because of illness2physically incapacitated and unable to move freely under one’s own powerŋgɛyɛŋgɛyteŋgɛytèŋgɛyɛɛ
ŋgɛyŋgɛyMMida skeletal-looking individual whose strength has been sapped by disease, starvation, or worry
ŋghawbiŋghawM.LMn7/8wonder; from ghaw
ŊgileBoŋgileHL.LHLnp1/2men’s royal family society
ŋgilemHHv1prohibit or hinder food from cooking properly2hinder children from growingkeeŋgilemŋgilemŋgilemeŋgilemèŋgilemɛɛ
ŋgom1boŋgomL.LLn1/2lizard called an Ornate monitorVaranus ornatus
ŋgom2boŋgomL.LLn1/2ant eater
ŋgonŋgónLn9/10young woman or ladyŋgone
ŋgonediŋgoneMLn5/13beauty of a woman
ŋgon joŋ fojiseL lh LMHidoutward beauty can be deceptiveKɛ ŋgon yì jee fojise nu keŋge kè jee kɛ.Outward appearance can be deceptive.
ŋgonjuuŋgónjuuLLL.MLLn9/10woman of any compound or of the palace; the only one who may sing the genealogical chant of the compound; the song is sung in a shrieking chant at the beginning or climax of a dance
ŋgon kpwoonŋgón bokɛnɛL ML.M MMLn9/10young woman
ŋgoŋ bwelh lhn9/101lazy male dog which is unhealthy in appearance and always found lying2metaphorically describing a man who is lazy, roaming about, unhealthy in appearance and may always be seeking a sexual partner
ŋgoo1boŋgooMM.LMMn1/2snailʼs shell
ŋgoo2ŋgóoMM.MMn9/101group of people2herd or flock of animals or of birds
ŋgoo bieMM MMn9/10herd of goats
ŋgoo bonyiiMM MMLn9/10group of people
ŋgoo byéMM Hn9/10school of fish
ŋgoo kembaMM.LLn9/10snail shell
ŋgookenamaboŋgookenamaLLHLL.LLLHLLŋgoke naka, ŋgon nakan1/2chameleonChamaeleo africanus
ŋgoo keyeboŋgoo keyeLL MH.LLL MHn1/2elbow
ŋgoolalaaboŋgolalaaMMHML.LMHMLn1/2bird or swallow referred to as an African sand-martin; brown with white underpart; found near rivers and streams with steep sandy or clay banks; the nest is a hollow dug by the bird in the bankRiparia paludicola
ŋgoo mvunyiimMM MHHn9/10flock of birds