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ŋgoo naʼŋgóo bonaʼMM L.MM LLn9/10herd of cattle
ŋgooŋgoHHHadjwinding; having a twisting, turning shape
ŋgow1ŋgówL.mln9/10planting seeds
ŋgow2boŋgowL.LLn1/2craggy, rocky place
ŋgow3boŋgowL.LLŋgokonv1/21mill grinding machine; from gow2mill stone3small flat stone for crushing or grinding on a large stone4sparking stones used to start fire, used prior to the introduction of matches in the areaWvú gooke bô ŋgow.She grinds with a small grinding stone.mbikɛn, jinɛ
ŋgow leeŋgow eleŋL MLcennpumpkin seed
ŋgoy1Hv1break or violate a law or moral principle2break or not keep a promise made3break or nullify the power of somethingkeeŋgoyŋgoyɛŋgoyteŋgoytèŋgoyɛɛ
ŋgoy2boŋgoyL.LLn1/2laziness; disliking, avoiding, neglecting work or other activity
ŋgoy yewH Mvbreak down the door into a homeŋgoyɛ yewŋgoyte yewŋgoytè yewŋgoyɛɛ yew
ŋguluŋboŋguluŋLH.LLHn1/2vulture also called hooded vulture; a bird of prey that feeds on dead animals and refuse; nest made of sticks in the fork of a treeNeophron monachus
ŋguŋ jooM LLnshore or shoreline of a body of water, where land meets waterŋgem joo
ŋguuMMn1general term for all kinds of food crops2harvest
ŋguu wanMM Mngrass with small leaves; used traditionally for various things such as adding blood to a human being; as treatment for "sourmouth" in babies (very painful whitish nodules on the tongue); as ink when the village was very poor and ink was expensive; as a blackboard renovator
ŋguwboŋguwL.LLŋguu; kekoŋn1/21large wooden gong or drum hollowed out and carved from a tree trunk; used to send messages2boat or canoe; a small, open vessel used on water
ŋguy1Hn31fire2rifle or gun3figurative of a very destructive thingŊguy ɛ ton kebo kem.Fire has burned my hand.
ŋguy2lnva purchase; from guy
ŋguy wvù mɛy loH M H LidBibl.hell fire
ŋgvucɛLHveating unripe, raw or uncooked foodkeeŋgvucɛŋgvucɛŋgvuciŋgvucìŋgvucɛɛ
ŋgvuciŋgvuciHLHLideosomething not growing well/not well boiledMbase nu ŋgvuciŋgvuci.The vegetable is not growing well.
ŋgvufe1boŋgvufeLH.LLHn1/2stout thief
ŋgvufe2boŋgvufeLH.LLHn1/2wild cat or serval catFelis serval
ŋgvumboŋgvumM.LMn1/2a large snake known as a rock pythonPython sebaekum
ŋgvuneŋgvuneHLHLideosomething not well cookedKeŋgom bɛɛ ŋgvuneŋgvune.The plantain is still not well cooked.