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ŋkayLnvbuckle; from kay
ŋkay ɛjisɛboŋkay ɛjisɛL MMM.LL MMMn1/2blindfold game
ŋkee1boŋkeeMM.LMMn1/2bird species
ŋkee2boŋkeeLL.LLLnv1/21sentry; from kee2spy
ŋkeŋ shíeboŋkeŋ bo shíe leM HHn1/2chicken house
ŋkeseboŋkeseLL.LLLŋkesɛn1/2touraco or crown bird; green in colour; fruit-eatingTauraco sp
ŋkew1H.LHnvbribe; something offered or given to someone to get them to do something or grant a favor; from kew
ŋkew2boŋkewM.LMn1/2kind of grass with a hollow stalk
ŋkɛcɛMLnv1low cut2pruning; the trimming or cutting away dead branches or excessive growth of a tree or bush; from kɛcɛ
ŋkɛɛ1boŋkɛɛLL.LLLn1/2shieldkebaw ke jem e
ŋkɛɛ2boŋkɛɛLL.LLLn1/2honey combnyi, bvutuw, ndoŋ, ŋkɛɛ, ŋwaw nyi
ŋkɛmboŋkɛmlh.Llhn1/2bamboo basket for carrying a fowl or maizekegaa
ŋkɛŋ1boŋkɛŋlh.Llhn1/2spice; different kinds of spices for flavouring
ŋkɛŋ2Lmoŋkɛŋngrass with flat leaves
ŋkɛseHHnvfault-finding; from kɛse
ŋkɛsɛMLadjbald, having no hair on the head
ŋkɛwLnvbeginning or commencement of a thing; from kɛwfoŋkɛw
ŋkɛwlɛboŋkɛwlɛLL.LLLn1/2crippled person; one who cannot walk because of physical defect or injuryntɛŋɛ
ŋkɛykebuboŋkɛykebuLLL.LLLLn1/2tree which grows very tall and has flat leaves; believed to protect a compound against evil spirits and to block the evil thoughts someone has against you
ŋkfu1boŋkfuml.Lmln1/2deceased person; someone who is of late or who has died
ŋkfu2mlntree with white wood; used for timber
ŋkfumboŋkfumlh.Llhn1/21quarter head2subchief3administrator4ministerfale, fay