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ŋkfumɛLLadjtoothless; having no teeth
ŋkfun1Mnva push as in giving birth; from kfun
ŋkfun2boŋkfunL.LLn1/2hump of a cow
ŋkfuneMLnvthe process of drying something like maize with smoke; from kfune
ŋkfuŋkfunHHnBahama grass often used on a football field; grows in dry places
ŋkfusayboŋkfusayMLL.LMLLn1/21ghost or apparition, an ancestor who appears2deceased or dead one
ŋkfuumadiŋkfuumaHHHŋkɛman5/13grudge; a feeling of resentment; a bad feeling toward someone
ŋkfuyɛ1boŋkfuyɛLL.LLLn1/2leper; a person who has the disease of leprosy
ŋkfuyɛ2boŋkfuyɛLL.LLLn1/2a kind of tree with flat leaves which grows alone with no other tree nearby
ŋkfuyte keteboŋkfuyte beteLL MM.LLL MMn1/2stump; the part of a tree that remains in the ground after the rest of it has been cut down, cut off, or worn down
ŋkiandaaboŋkiandaaLHMM.LLHMMn1/2"bush baby;" also called Senegal galago, an animal that lives in the bush and is said to love palm wineGalago senegalensis
ŋkieeboŋkieeLLL.LLLL1n1/2song; from kiee2nv1/2music
ŋkiɛɛ fiɛɛboŋkiɛɛ fiɛɛMML MML.LMML MMLnv1wisdom; the ability to understand facts and decide on the right action; from kiɛɛ2knowledge3sense
ŋkiɛŋboŋkiɛŋMM.LMMn1/21earnings2livelihood3occupation or profession4work that someone does to earn a living
ŊkoLNkor; Nkollnpvillage in Lower Noni which is the site of the Noni subdivisional headquarters
ŋkoŋ1Lnv1willingness; from koŋ2according to one’s choice
ŋkoŋ2diŋkoŋMn5/13cliff; a high, very steep face of rock or earth
ŋkoŋkoŋMMn or adjdip or low area in the land
ŋkoo laboŋkoo ɛlaMM Hn1/2the first person to settle in an area
ŋkoonyaboŋkoonyaMMml.LMMmln1/2plant from which walking sticks for a titled man are made
ŋkoseLLnvmoney paid back to a njaŋgi; from kose
ŊkowLnpjuju which wears a large black carved mask
ŋkpwaanteŋkaanteMLH.HHHn3/41bush2desert3uninhabited area4wilderness5clearing or meadowƐ bomew bò to lɛwte sekekiɛ mɛy ŋkpwaante jò bó to lewtɛɛ gɛn.Some remain in the bush they ran to at that time.woŋ sɛ ɛgay, monshɛɛmmonshɛɛm
ŋkpwakeboŋkpwakeHL.LHLn1/2broken piece of calabash or pot