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ŋkpwake ɛkolɛHL MMMmkpake ɛkolɛn1/2skull; the bony structure that covers the brainmgbwow
ŋkpwake nvuuHL HMn1/2knee cap; the rounded, cupped bone that covers the knee joint
ŋkpwan ɛboM MHnfinger
ŋkpwaŋkpwaŋboŋkpwaŋkpwaŋLLL.LLLLn1/2hunting weapon
ŋkpwawcɛboŋkpwawcɛLH.LLHnv1/21thought; the act or manner of thinking; from kpwaw2hope or look forward3reason; the power to think, understand, and decide4mind
ŋkpweŋlhŋkieŋadjraw; uncooked and in its natural state
ŋkpweŋkpweŋŋkeŋkeŋMM.MMŋkwiŋkwiŋn3/4arm; either of the two upper limbs of a person
ŋkpweseMLnvmature, having come to full growth; from kpwese
ŋkpwɛsemŋkɛsemMM.MMn3/41shrub with bitter edible leaves2bitter herbs used for food
ŋkpwow ɛkolɛL MMMn1fat head2an abusive term
ŋku1lhnvgrowth; the process of growing and developing; from ku
ŋku2boŋkuhl.Lhln1/2sheath or scabbard of a cutlass; a long close-fitting covering in which to keep a cutlass or sword
ŋkuboŋboŋkuboŋHL.LHLn1/2bird called a nightjar; a night bird that captures insects in flight; rests on the ground during the dayCaprimulgidae
ŋkuleMLnv1the way something is tied up; from kule2wrapping
ŋkumɛnMLnv1change of behaviour; from kumɛn2repentance over wrongdoing3balance
ŋkun2boŋkunM.LMn1/21steer’s horn used for straining tapped wine2funnel; a tube or pipe that is wide and round at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for pouring liquids or powders into a narrow openingfilɛnɛ, gham, biji, finyase, nsoŋ, dione
ŋkuntuboŋkuntuMM.LMMŋkumten1/2chief robber who steals in broad day light
ŋkunyam wvù diemsɛnHL H MLHn1/2boar; a male pig
ŋkunyam wvù kpwoonHL H MLn1/2sow; a female pig
ŋkuŋkuuŋHLLadv1forever2never ending3with difficult in breathingkemaakaa, sekecii sɛ ŋka, mɛy lo, ŋkuŋkuuŋ
ŋkuuŋLLnegnotMe sɛ me ŋkɛŋke ɛjisɛ ŋkuuŋ.I am blind.
ŋkuushuboŋkuushuLLL.LLLLn1/2bird known as a blue-billed weaver; male is black with red throat and breast; female mainly grey with red face and upper tail; usually found individually or in pairs, on or near the ground; nest is built with a side entrance near the ground in a shrubSpermophaga haematina
ŋkuwboŋkuwL.LLn1/21box2chest for storing things in3coffin or casket; the wooden or metal box in which a dead person is buried4Bibl.ark of the covenant described in the Bible. (See Hebrews 9.4)