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acababocabaLHL.LHLn1/2motorcyclebɛndskin, okada
agɛtbo'agɛtHL.LHLEnglish:agaten1/2Bibl.a somewhat precious stone of various colours in the New Testament
AIDSHLnpdeadly sexually transmitted disease; the abbreviation of the scientific name Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome known as SIDA in French. Also known in common speech as the Noni number eightKencɛm ke keseen kè beene teŋe lɛ NYAŊ nu diɛwɛ ŋguy.The disease of this time which they call AIDS is like a fire.Nyaaŋ
AlfaHLGreek:alphanpalpha; the first letter of the Greek alphabet and a name of Jesus Christ based upon that letter
ametistbo'ametistHML.LHMLEnglish:amethystn1/2Bibl.a precious blue stone found in parts of the world and used in the New Testament
aŋghaaLHLex1aha! an exclamation of agreement, concord, or approval2Yes!
AshaLmlnpquarter on the west side of the Noni village of NkorYun yì bó sɛle Asha jee fele yun bala.The thatching grass that they have cut from Asha is better than aluminium zinc.
AwiLHnpquarter on the west side of Nkor located on the other side of the mountainous western boundary of Nkor
awuuLHMexexpression of gratitude which intensifies the gratitude expressed; often used by women; may collocate with beele wokeyoone, bɛɛleʼɛɛ