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Hproit; third person singular pronoun class 5
Lrel prowhich; relative pronoun, class 5Bine dì bó bine ɛntaŋ bɛmte ncɛw.The dance that they dance at night is frightful.
diamdíamLL.MLn9/10round, non-edible fruit that grows on trees used for medicine; also used for divination
dibaLMn131ring worm2a skin sickness such as eczema making spots all over one’s body
diboleMHHprotheirs; third person plural possessive pronoun, class 13
dibowenɛMLMHjibowenɛprothird person plural possessive pronoun, class 13; logophoric pronoun used only in reported speech
diciiMMMdicile, jiciiquantall; quantifier specifying the whole, noun class 5
dicile1MMLjicilequantwhole; of nouns in noun class 5
dicile2MMLquantall; quantifier expressing all or the whole, noun class 13
didaaLMMjidaanmale sexual part; the tube connecting scrotum to penis
didvuMHjidvudetthat; determiner specifying a particular thing, noun class 5
dieHHjiev1eat or "chop" food2waste, consume, or use without careful consideration3inherit or receive4die is used in a variety of Nooni idioms to express a range of meaningsWvú diee bvulɛm.He is eating fufu.keediediedieedieèdiɛɛdie lew
die bigewHH Mmlidembezzle or mismanage moneydie bigewdiee bigewdieè bigewdiɛɛ bigew
die bvunfonHH Mmlidsucceed to or inherit the chieftaincy
die bvushɛwHH MMidinherit; to receive money, property, or possession left by someone who has dieddie bvushɛwdiee bvushɛwdieè bvushɛwdiɛɛ bvushɛw
die bvutuwHH Mmlvharvest honey
die diuu dì kuukeHHidcelebrate the big day (feast)
dieeɛdieeMMMjieen5/6name; word or words by which a person, animal, class, concept or thing is known; the identity of someoneDiee diem nu Ɛnuyɛɛnonyo’.My name is Enuyenonyoh.
diee ɛkolɛHHH MMMidenjoy
die fiooHH LLLiddefault on a debt
die kentawHH Lmlidsucceed someone or come into their position
die ketoŋHH MHidsucceed
die laHH Hidsucceed to or become the compound head
die lewHH Midtake an oathkelew
diem1MLpromy; first person possessive pronoun, class 13