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diem2MLpromine; first person singular possessive pronoun, class 5Joo teme diem.Take my axe.
die mbooHH LMLidcelebrate the birth of a new born
diemsɛnbolemsɛMMH.MMLjiemsɛn; jumsɛn; boleʼ (plural)n1/21male2husbandMe ŋkee lo lɛ yî kefew ke keseen e nu ɛ kpwoon gɛne kɛŋkɛ bigew biew, mum no duu lɛ laa diemsɛn nu la lɛ.I really know that at this time, when a woman has her money, she will then be saying that a husband is what.dwee wee
die ndoŋHH LLidharvest honey
dieneɛdienMMH.MMMMH.MMjienen5/61grinding stoneBoseŋe gooke bonfune fodien.Boseŋe grinds the corn out on a grinding stone.2millŋgow
dienshɛɛdidienshɛɛHHHL.MHHHLdieshɛɛn5/13small brush made from raffia palm stalk for cleaning a grinding stone
dieŋ1MLprothird person singular possessive pronoun, class 5
dieŋ2HLprothird person singular possessive pronoun, class 13
die ŋguyHH MHidbe determined
die ŋwaw nyiHH M Midharvest honey, lit. eat beehive
die shaŋHH Hidwin a game of chance (politics, etc.)
diew1dibo leML.MH Lprohis or her; third person singular possessive pronoun, class 13
diew2diboleHL.MHHprohis or hers; third person singular possessive pronoun, class 5
diɛw1MMjɛwvwag; to move back and forth or up and down, especially with quick movementskeediɛwdiɛwɛdiɛɛkediɛɛkèdiɛwɛɛ
diɛw2díɛwLL.MLn9/101word2language3noise or sound4echo; the repetition of a sound caused by a reflection of the sound waves from a wall, cliff, or other surface5gossipƐ̀ nulo ɛ́ wo esee diɛw yin e?Can you tell me this word?kebɛm
díɛw balaLL LLn9/10English language or foreign languageMe nu njeme díɛw bala keseen.I will speak English now.
diɛwɛLLMconj1like or similar to2as if3asfieesɛnekɛ dioo
Diɛw NyoʼLL Ln9Bibl.the Word of God, also the Bible, the Holy Scriptures
díɛw yi mawɛɛnML H MMMid1parable; a short simple story which teaches a moral or religious lesson2allegory; a story in which the characters and events symbolize a deeper underlying meaning3symbolic; standing for or representing a person, thing, ideaŋgaŋ
díɛw yi ŋgan'yɛɛnML H MMMidirony used when meaning the exact opposite of the words spokenWo fɛn nu wase icee yew e?So you are the father of the house here?Keyoone kuw no wo se lalɛɛ lemme diem.Thank you for coming to help me! (When he didn’t come)
diffulumLMHn5guava fruit treediffulum di wan e,the child’s guava.
difiiMHHn5blister; a bump under the skin filled with a thin, watery liquid; caused by hard rubbing or burningdifii din,this blister.
digwaLmln5wrestling as a sport
DikaŋLLnpjuju who is fond of begging and amusing people
dikenbodikenHL.LHLEnglish:deaconn1/2Bibl.deacon; people selected in the church who help with the work of the church