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dikfuumvukfuuLLL.LLLn5slender mongoose or fox which preys on fowlsHerpestes sanguineadikfuu din,this fox.
dilaŋLLn131filaria; a tropical disease2type of desert plant with long parallel vein leaves which is used as filaria medicine
dilɛMHn5latex used for making local balls or as an animal or bird trap
dimewmvumewMhl.Mhljimewdetanother; determiner that specifies a particular thing, noun class 5/12Wvú ja fô la dimew e.He comes from another compound.
dinɛyanM.MMjindetthis; determiner specifying a particular thing, noun class 5
Dinhlnp1appellation for the people of Din Noni
dinɛn1Lhljinɛnproyour; second person plural possessive pronoun, class 13
dinɛn2Lhljinɛnproyour; second person singular possessive pronoun, class 5Joo teme dinɛn.Take your axe.
dinjeeLMMn5kind of rhizome fruit which comes out on the groundnsoonsoo
dinjee di ɛkowLMM H Lmln13forest rhizome fruit
dinjee di ŋkpwaanteLMM H MMHn13grassland rhizome fruit
diokediokeLLLLLLideo1watery2ready3ripe4softDiole nu diokedioke.The boil is ready to burst.Ŋkase yin nu yi diokedioke.These scabies are watery.
dioleɛdiole, didioleHHM.MHHMn5/6, 5/13boil, abscess, or infection located anywhere on the skin surface
diomɛnLLHvgrumble aloudkeediomɛndiomɛndiomenediomenèdiomenɛɛ
dioneɛdionMMM.MMMn5/6new wine tapsɛŋ, mbvuum, nsɛŋ, ntɛke, fuwe, kelɛnɛ, sheŋ, filɛnɛ, gham, nsoŋ
diooHHHadv1when2while3as; a time word which always precedes the verbBen dioo nu yî kentaashɛ le, ɛ mwɛɛm mvu yew mum no bonɛne fô ben e, fiɛɛ saa bvuu tɛmyi kɛ.When you are in unity, things in the house will be easy for you people, things will not be difficult again.
disaMMjisan5Tephrosia; a tree the size of a shrub; has seeds like beans that crack from the shell on a sunny day when drydisa din,this tephrosia.
disɛse1LHLjisɛseproour; first person plural possessive pronoun, class 13Din nu dibine disɛsen.These are our dances.
disɛse2LHLjisɛsen jisɛseproour; first person plural possessive pronoun, class 5Din nu teme disɛsen.This is our axe.
ditaMhljitan13rib or ribs; bones inside the chest that protect the internal organs of a person or animalDita di Nyanyoʼ le tune lo.Nyanyo’s rib is paining.
diuMMv1fight2defend or contend for something3work for somethingBokɛnɛ bò diuu, ekeytè bvulɛm.The women who are fighting should be cooking fufu (instead of fighting).keediudiuɛdiuudiuùdiuɛɛ
diuuɛdiuwHHH.MMMdwee; didiuwn5/61day; a period of 24 hours2time word used for telling the hour of the day, such as diuu di mwaaŋ3sunƐ to nu diuu dimew ɛ bwe, bie noo njee nɛ no gɛne ghane ɛ̂ nsaa bó le.One day a dog, a goat and a sheep were going to visit their friend.
diuu di mbam eHHHn5/6country Sunday; country Sunday always occurs in Noni two days after the village market day. Country Sunday is a day when women do not go to the farms and men do not engage in typical work, a day for undertaking community projects called by traditional or church leaders, and also for relaxing and visiting friendsKin nu kefo ke Baa le kè wvú ke no bone ɛdiuw ɛ mbam e ɛcii.This is Ba’s cap which he wears every country Sunday.