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dvu meMMpromy; first person singular possessive pronoun, class 18; location
dvun1Mvuproot or pull out something with the emotion of anger or frustrationdvun'yɛdvun'yidvun'yìdvun'yɛɛ
dvun2Mdetthis; determiner specifying a particular thing, noun class 9Ɛ̀ ceè yew dvun.Be staying in this house.
dvune ɛntfuntɛHH MMLidedge of the bush or grass
dvune jeHH Lidedge of a path
dvune jooHH LLnriverbank
dvune wɛɛHH HHnpath or edge around a farm
dvutaaLLLadj1dull weather2dull person
dvuwdvúwL.mln9/10black snake approximately 1 m in length; savannah black and white cobraNaja melanoleuca subfulva
dwan'yɛLHndwan'yɛ, nyawsevweed carelessly or improperlydwan'yɛdwan'yidwan'yìdwan'yɛɛ
dwawdaw, didwawM.MMn3/4, 3/13wooden "J" shaped handle of hoe
dweenɛnLLHv1make a break with something, or break off relationship with something at a certain point2arrive at a boundary, limit, or stopping point; this may have a figurative meaningkeedweenɛndweenɛndweenenedweenenèdweenenɛɛ
dwee ŋkfuMM mlnwidower; a man whose wife has died and who has not married again
dweesebodweeseMML.LMMLn1/2her husbandDweese lemte la?What does her husband do for work?
dwee weeboleʼMM LLn1/2husband of a persondiemsɛn
dwemdidwemH.MHn3/13tree with small fruits that attract birds
dwɛɛ1didwɛɛMLn3/13kind of creeping grass, used during ceremonies for enthronement of a nfon
dwɛɛ2didwɛɛML.MMLn3/13bridge; a structure built over a river so that people or animals can pass over itBwe to tuu ɛkufɛ ke nyam e no leenci yî dwɛɛ le.A dog carried a bone and was crossing a bridge.