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gaalegaaleMMM.HHHn9/10kind of mushroom which grows on rotten wood
GabliyaHHLnpBibl.Gabriel, angel of God
GalileeHLMLnpBibl.Galilee: a country in ancient Israel
galumbogalumLhl.LLhlEnglish:guard roomn1/2detention cell
gasagasaLLLLideospaced wellMe nu ɛ n'yee biŋgom gasagasa.I spaced my plantains well.
gaw1Mv1distribute2divide between or shareMbun ɛ gawtɛn bvulɛm ɛ gɛɛ yew.Mbun divided the fufu and put it in the house.keegawgawɛgaakegaakègawɛɛŋgaw
gaw2bogawhl.Lhln1/2a share or a part; a piece of meat given to someone as his own share after hunting
gawfsɛnLMv1divide or separate into parts of a whole2separate or put apart something that had been together3depart4stop a fightkeegawfsɛngawfsɛngawfsenegawfsenègawfsɛnɛɛ
gayMMv1say2greetkeegaygayɛgaytegaytègayɛɛsee, jemeŋgayma
gayiɛgayMHHn5/6grasses, elephant grass
geMkev1make2doMabu gee mwɛɛm takataka.Mabu does things without proper care.keegegeɛgeegeègeɛ
ge cuuM HLvof male: to make oneself attractive or handsomegeɛ cuugee cuugeè cuugeɛ cuuge ŋgone
gee2ɛgeHM.MHn5/6eggƐge to nu ɛ buy ɛbo jo wvú gbwe kpweken.The eggs fell out of his hand and broke.
gee di yeŋ edigee di yeŋ eHM M M Hn5/13hip joint; the place where one’s leg joins the body
geenɛnMMMconj1but2even though3nevertheless4this not withstanding5nonetheless6except forGeenɛn ɛ mami to kpwe wase ɛ̂ nfu le sɛ dio kpwoon kɛ ɛ yɛne nfu le ŋkuuŋ.But the woman had already died because a woman is forbidden to see inside the society.
ge kpweLMidunexpected act, especially from a person who could hardly do such an act; this expression is used derogatorilyWo nu ɛ ge kpwe ɛbɛn keelaa ghane ɛ̂ me le.You have really done an unexpected thing today to visit me.yu bwe, yu keyoo
ge lɛneM MLvmake a movegeɛ lɛnegee lɛnegeè lɛnegeɛ lɛnebaa ɛkalɛ
gemebogemeHM.LHMn1/2grass with bitter, large leaves like those of cocoyams, used for extracting venom
gemɛn wvu ɛ̂ joobogemɛn bo ɛ̂ jooHL H L MLn1/2tree which grows only by a stream; has small leaves, does not grow too tall
gemgemLHv1protect by providing a circle or sphere of protection; such as when someone is going to be beaten and others gather around the person to protect him2encircle3round upgemgemgemgemegemgemègemgmɛɛ
genedigeneMM.MMMn5/13piece of calabash used to remove fufu from a cooking pot or used for dishing out liquids
ge ŋgoneM MMLv1of a female: to make herself attractive or beautiful2make upgeɛ ŋgonegee ŋgonegeè ŋgonegeɛ ŋgonege cuu