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ghaa1HHv1enthrone or install2increasekeeghaaghaalɛghaaleghaalèghaalɛɛ
ghaa2MMvgrope; to feel or search for somethingghaalɛghaaleghaalèghaalɛɛ
ghaamdighaamHL.MHLn5/13woven matWan ɛ ghawkɛn yî ghaam e.The child has vomited on the mat.
ghaanɛnLHvbe mad or insanekeeghaneneghaanɛnghaaneneghaanenèghaanenɛɛ
ghafeghafeLLLLideo1rough surface2rough food
ghaghaghaLLLideo1invasion2speedy movementbwakabwaka
gham1Mvspread outkeeghamghamɛghamteghamtèghamɛɛ
gham2dighamMn5/13calabash with braided ropes used for storing palm wine
ghanHv1walk2visit3travel4take place5happenƐ̀ to nu diuu dimew ɛ bwe, bie noo njee nɛ no gɛne ghane ɛ̂ nsaa yibo le.One day a dog, a goat and a sheep were going to visit their friend.keeghanghanɛghaneghanèghanɛɛ
ghanedighaneMH.MMHn5/13journeyWo nu ɛ yu bwe ɛbɛn keelaa ghane ɛ̂ me le.You have really done an unexpected thing today to visit me.
ghan kɛnɛnH HHvturn aroundghanɛ kɛnɛnghane kɛnɛnghanè kɛnɛnghanɛɛ kɛnɛn
ghaŋghaŋLHv1doing all sorts of things without a second thought and with negative consequences2recklessghaŋghaŋghaŋghaŋeghaŋghaŋèghaŋghanɛɛghase
ghaseLHvventure beyond one’s boundsWan wvun ghase baay.This child is too active (always wanting to do this, do that, go here, go there).ghaseghaaseghaasèghasɛɛ
ghawHv1overpower or overcome2pass3overwhelmkeeghawghawɛghaakeghaakèghawɛɛŋghaw
ghawkɛnHHvvomit; to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouthkeeghawkɛnghawkɛnghawkeneghawkenèghawkɛnɛɛffumkɛn, wokɛn
ghayHv1wonder; a feeling of awe, amazement, surprise2decry; to express disapproval or find faultkeeghayghayɛghayteghaytèghayɛɛ
ghemHv1gum or glue; to stick something to something else with gum2clingkeeghemghemɛghemteghemtèghemɛɛ
gheŋHvhold tightlygheŋɛgheeŋkegheeŋkègheŋɛɛ
ghetɛnLMv1really try2struggle3push aheadghetɛngheteneghetenèghentɛnɛɛ
gheyHv1suffocate; especially with something dry such as smoke or pepper2stingy3selfish or unwilling to share or givekeegheygheyɛgheytegheytègheyɛɛ
ghɛŋMvenlargeKeŋkokɛn ke wan e ɛ ghɛŋ.The wound of the child has enlarged.keeghɛŋghɛŋɛghɛɛŋkeghɛɛŋkèghɛŋɛɛ
ghɛwHv1jealous somebody by destroying his/her property2spoil3have malicious intent toward someonekeeghɛwghɛwɛghɛɛkeghɛɛkèghɛwɛɛ
ghɛyHvbe sluggish or slowkeeghɛyghɛyɛghɛyteghɛytèghɛyɛɛ