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ka1Hv1finish2terminate3end4only5sole; the only oneFí ka.The end.Me nu ɛ nya keyoone yî kelum ke keyvuum kin e no kí nu ɛ ka wase ɛ beene nu eley yî kelum ke kefɛ le.I have thanked this old year as it has already finished and we would enter in the new year.keekakakaakaàkaɛŋka
ka2Mvshake a musical instrument such as a rattle like a ceesaŋ to make it produce its soundkalɛkalekalèkalɛɛcɛɛsaŋ
kaa1HHconjinstead; contrastive conjunction
kaa2MMvpremature birth of an animal
kaa3HHvask for the repayment of a debtkeekaakaalɛkaalekaalèkaalɛɛ
kaakaaHHv1go around2strollkeekaakaakaakaakaakaakaakaàkaakaaɛ
kaalebokaaleHHH.LHHHn1/2wheel often used by children in recreation
kaantɛnLLHvwelcome or receive something with much thanksgiving, joy and readinessGɛnɛ ekaantɛn ŋwaʼ wan.Go and receive the child’s book.keekantɛnkaantɛnkaantenekaantenèkaantenɛɛfiisɛn
kaashiŋbokaashiŋLLhl.LLLhlEnglishjoo ken'yeese, kashiwn1/2kerosene
kababokabaLL.LLLn1/2maternity clothing; clothing worn by a pregnant woman
kacɛHHv1refuse an idea2reject3refute an idea and give an opposite opinionkacɛkacikacìkacɛɛ
kacikaciLLLLadjrough surfaceJim wan nu kacikaci.The child’s back is rough.kafe kafe
ka ɛkolɛM MMMidshaking one’s head back and forth (right to left) to show serious objection or disapproval
kafeLHv1seize2bite, of a dogkeekafekafekaafekaafèkafɛɛ
kafekafeLLLLadjrough surfaceYe yɛm nu kafekafe.My skin is rough.kaci kaci
kakakaMMMideodusty white, describes the colour whiteNdvu baa kakaka.The dress is not quite white.
ka kekaM Mhlvspit out phlegm or mucus from the throatkaɛ kekakale kekakalè kekakalɛɛ keka
ka kendoŋM LLvgargle; to wash or rinse the inside of the throat with a soothing or germ-killing liquidkaɛ kendoŋkale kendoŋkalè kendoŋkalɛɛ kendoŋ
ka kentuseM LLLvclear ones throatkaɛ kentusekale kentusekalè kentusekalɛɛ kentuse
kaleMLv1roam; to wander or move freely through an area or from place to place2loiter; to linger aimlessly in a public place or move about without purpose in a slow, idle mannerkeekalekalekalekalèkalɛɛ
kale ɛkolɛLL MMMidthink overMe nu fɛn, ŋkale lo ɛkolɛ.I have had a lot of problems.
kamHv1squeeze; to press together by force2wring; to twist and squeeze in order to remove liquidkeekamkamɛkamtekamtèkamɛɛ