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ma1Hv1refuse or reject2ignore3be ignorant or unknowing4denyBó ɛ ma lo.They totally refused.Fintua fì Bobane be ta nu ɛ lun wase ɛ no maa keebii.The weaver bird that Bobane shot was already too old and could not fly.keemamamaamaàmaɛtun, ŋwase
ma2Mvtell a parable/storykeemamaɛmaamaàmaɛŋgan
maabomaaMH.LMHn1/2mother; a respectful title given to an older woman
maaŋLLmwaaŋ, manum1one; cardinal number one2only or aloneKelum ke 2003 bô 2004 se nu ɛ befe baay ɛ keba ke ŋguy e. Kɛ Laan maaŋ nu ɛ yew ɛ fie wase yuufe.The year 2003/2004 has been the worst year concerning fires. Laan village alone already has ten houses burnt.
MabuHMnpjuju of the kpwifon
mabu nsɛybomabu nsɛyHM ml.LHM mln1/2type of moss found on fallen tree trunks
mamasebomamaseHHH.LHHHn1/2lake; a large inland body of water such as Lake Okujoo ketayum
man1Mdetthese; determiner specifying certain things, noun class 15Man nu mbvuum.This is wine.
man2Hvfirst tilling of the soil for plantingBofila ɛ la ɛ gɛn ɛ man keŋ tɛ maaŋ.Bofila has gone and made only three ridges.keemanmanɛmanemanèmanɛɛ
man3Hv1reconcile2make atonement3forgive4cleanse5destroy or kill the power of traditional medicineKlistu ɛ mancɛ mwɛɛm beene ɛ bo Nyoʼ.Christ cleansed, atoned for all between God and us.keemanmanmanemanèmanɛɛlɛɛshɛ, fiwse, mɛse
manaHLEnglishnBibl.manna; the bread of heaven God gave to the Israelites
ManjoŋLLnpdrinking or fraternal societySamba
maŋɛnHHvdoubt; to be or consider something to be uncertainkeemaŋɛnmaŋɛnmaŋenemaŋenèmaŋenɛɛ
maŋgvundimaŋgvunMMnroyal dance performed at the crowning of the nfon
maŋkabomaŋkaLL.LLLLamnsoʼkemaŋkan1/2large round drum that stands on three legs, formerly used only in the Mfu and Samba houses but now used in churches and other places; technically called a membranophoneƐ nfu ja we ɛ wee kemaŋka ji ɛ wee ncum ji ɛ nfu kuu,The society stood up. The drummer with the big drum and the drummer with the small drum played and the society began to dance.
matemateLLLLideostickyMɛɛm nu matemate.The oil is sticky.lacilaci, lecileci
mawMv1display goods for sale2speak with flattery, or speak as if I am for you when I am not for you3speak with a hidden, allegorical, or parabolic meaningkeemawmawɛmaakemaakèmawɛɛŋgan
maybomayhlEnglish:milen1/2mile; a measure of distance approximately 1.6 kilometres
maymayHHv1leap or jump2skip; to go along with a hop on each foot in turn3bouncekeemaymaymaymaymaymayimaymayìmaymayɛ
mba1Hadjwhite; the colour of milk or of a sheet of photocopy paper. There are only four basic colour terms in Noni: red (yɛɛ), black (yii), white (mba), yellow (fiŋgɛŋgɛ)yɛɛ, yiile, fiŋgɛŋgɛ
mba2bombaM.LMn1/2type of plant used as soup
mba3bombaM.LMn1/2button; a small, usually round or flat object which is passed through an opening (buttonhole) on a garment to act as a fastener