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sâʼbosâʼML.LMLn1/2foretaste; that part of the drink or food you taste before the food properketfuŋ
saa1LHnegnot; always in an saa…kɛ grammatical constructionBen dioo nu yî kentaashɛ le, ɛ mwɛɛm mvu yew mum no bonɛne fô ben e, fiɛɛ saa bvuu tɛmyi kɛ.When you are in unity, things in the house will be easy for you people, things will not be difficult again.yaa, kɛ
saa2MMvboiling point of water, or wine when foamingkeesaasaalɛsaalesaalèsaalɛɛ
saa3MMv1tear or rip; a somewhat violent action2brush hair3rape or sexually abusekeesaasaalɛsaalesaalèsaalɛɛnsaa
saa bvufuuidearly morning; literally "tear morning"
saabvulebosaabvuleLLHL.LLLHLHausan1/2soap; a cleansing substancesu
saakabosaakaHHM.LHHMLamnsoʼn1/2news or matters; current events, reported by word of mouth or reported on radio, television, internet, or in the newspaperSaaka nu la?What is the news?
saakeMMLv1rule; from the verb saw2govern; to rule a country, state, province, city, chiefdom, etc. and its people3exercise authoritysawɛsaakesaakèsaawɛɛ
saambabosaambaLLL.LLLLn1/2mensʼ dance with musicmanjoŋ
saaŋMMadjcleanyuule, kfum
saaŋkɛnHHHv1disperse; to cause to break up in different directions2stampede; a sudden rush of a herd of frightened animals or a rush of people under a sudden common impulsekeesaaŋkɛnsaaŋkɛnsaaŋkenesaaŋkenèsaaŋkɛnɛɛ
saasaaLLHHvsparkle or glitter; to shine brightly with repeated, flashing points of lightkeesaasaasaasaasaasaasaasaàsaasaaɛlawlaw
saatoŋbosaatoŋHHH.LHHHLamnsoʼn1/2parasite on plants that kills any fruit tree
saa yeMM Mid1be proud; literally "tear skin or body"2boastful; to talk about one’s own accomplishments or abilities with excessive prideWvú saale ye baay.He is very proudkensaaye
safeHHv1a way of cooking2beat until foam comesKoŋla nu esafe cɛn ntfuu.Kongla will prepare soup tomorrow.keesafesafesaatesaatèsafɛɛ
safiyaLHLEnglish:sapphirenBibl.precious blue stone found in parts of the world and used in New Testament
sa fweM Hv1go ahead2leadsaɛ fwesaa fwesaà fwesaɛ fwensafwe
sakasakaMMMMid1very bright2very clear
sakɛnHHvextreme joy or rejoicingsakɛnsakenesakenèsakenɛɛlaŋlaŋe
salaŋgabosalaŋgaHHH.LHHHn1/2tree with small leaves
sam1Mv1swim; to move through the water by using the arms and legs or fins and tail2splash waterkeesamsamɛsamtesamtèsamɛɛ
sam2Hvsmell an odourkeesamsamɛsamtesamtèsamɛɛwvuŋ, keyafe, fɛɛ, gbwekene wvuŋ; nsam
sam3Hv1borrow something from someone2take something on creditkeesamsamɛsamtesamtèsamɛɛ