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sha1Lntaanngrasses or other things used to light a fire
sha2sháL.Hn9/10dry elephant stalk
shaaŋkɛnLLHadjattractive; pretty or handsome
shakayboshakayLL.LLLshwawkay, shaakayn1/2large hawk referred to as great sparrow hawk; black upper parts, white under parts with black patches; feeds on chickens; nest built from large sticks and lined with feathers; call is a shrill "kek-kek-kek"Accipiter melanoleucas
sha keŋgbwoL LLsha keŋgwen9/10match stick
shamMnclitoris in a female
shaŋ1lhnhard inner core of plum or raffia seed
shaŋ2Hv1lament publicly2decrykeeshaŋshaŋɛshaŋkeshaŋkèshaŋɛɛfishaŋ
shaŋ4Hn1match or competitive sport; any game played on the ground or on a board2euphemism for warfare, discord, or strife; a way to speak about war, discord or strife without actually saying the word3euphemism for politicsMe ntaa shaŋ bee wo.I am playing a match with you.
shaŋ5sháŋL.Hkencuun9/101root base of a raffia palm tree2mass of roots at the base of raffia palm that is cut up and used as a sponge for washing pots and pans
shaŋ kefewL Mmlkfuu kefewnhandwatch or wristwatch
shaweshaweideotaste bad
she1Hv1linger2spend too much time on something3prolong4stay backƐ baa wɛ tfuse lɛ, "Ɛ́ me mbe ŋkɛŋke mbvuum tu me mbaa nshese bine din fɛn e."The man answered, "If I had wine, wouldn’t I just keep the dance here all day long?"keesheshesheesheèsheɛ
she2Mv1live2regular or every day3dailykeesheshesheesheèsheɛ
she bô ɛkolɛidtake care of oneselfYî woŋ wvù ɛbɛn e nu lɛ wee eshe bô ŋgem ye.In today’s world, a person should take care of themselves.
sheeMMnstone with a depression used for crushing or grinding herbs, collecting water, or as a feeding troughŋgow
sheemmLLideosmell goodNyam samte sheemm.The meat smells good.
shefenboshefenLL.LLLn1/21a kind of tree; the bark is used for treating belly "bite" or stomach ache; the leaves are used for treating diarrhoea2used to prepare a dye for weaving raffia bags; if white tissue is boiled in the crushed leaves or bark of the tree and then buried in mud for three days, the white tissue acquires a beautiful and indelible black colour
shemshémlm.Mn9/101seed of any fruit2liver; the seat of emotions
shemeHHvsneeze; to force air suddenly and uncontrollably out of the nose and mouthkeeshemeshemeshemyishemyìshemɛɛ
shem fimbiM LL.M LLn9/10kola nut, lit. heart of kola
shem kpweM Hid1fed up with something or somebody2be discouraged with something or somebodyyu fitele
shen1Mn1mercy; willingness to forgive, not to punish2pity; a feeling of sorrow aroused by the misfortune of another3sorry
shen2shénMn9/10a kind of tree, used medicinally for curing diarrhea