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shen shenMMadjto be sorrowful
sheŋshéŋL.mlshieŋn9/10tapping knifesɛŋ, mvunyasem, ntekɛ, keghaŋ, fuwe, dione, nsɛŋ, sheŋ, mbvuum
shesheshésheMMn9/101chips of wood; splinter; a small thin sharp piece broken off a bigger piece, especially wood2fragment3sawdust
shewshéwM.Mn9/10white ant
she weH lhvstay upshe weshee wesheè wesheɛ we
shewshew1shéwshewMH.MHn9/10electric black ant
shewshew2shéwshewMHkenshiŋshiŋɛn9/101choke2serious case of hiccups
sheyHveffect of the sun beating down on someonesheyɛsheytesheytèsheyɛɛkey
shɛMshiɛɛv1prune2whip3cut offshɛlɛshɛleshɛlèshɛlɛɛ
shɛɛHHshiɛɛv1still present2remain3stay behind4leave behind5spend time6take time7waste timeBobane nu eshɛɛ enu yew, ɛ́ beene ela wɛne.Bobane will stay at home and we would go to the farm.keeshɛɛshɛɛshɛɛteshɛɛtèshɛɛtɛɛbɛɛ
ShɛɛjooHHLLnparea east of Lassin
shɛlɛŋshɛ́lɛŋLM.MHn9/10gizzard; the second stomach of a bird or fowl, for crushing and grinding food
shɛmseHHvsquander or wasteNyam fɛw ɛ shɛmse lo wɛɛ bonfune.A porcupine has completely eaten up a whole farm of corn.keeshɛmseshɛmseshɛmseeshɛmseèshɛmsɛɛ
shɛŋHvgo round randomly as in dancingkeeshɛŋshɛŋɛshɛɛŋkeshɛɛŋkèshɛŋɛɛ
shɛŋɛdishɛŋɛMMn5/13handle; a part of an object which is specially made for grasping it with the hand or for opening it
shɛŋkeLHvhang around the neckkeeshɛŋkeshɛŋkeshɛŋseshɛŋsèshɛŋkɛɛ
shɛŋshɛŋHHvcarry or handcart something by more than one mankeeshɛŋhɛŋshɛŋshɛŋshɛŋshɛŋeshɛŋshɛŋèshɛŋshɛŋɛɛ
ShɛyBoshɛyM.LMnp1/21title in the kpwifon society2honorary title given to someone for a great accomplishment3legislator
shffumɛLHvcarry two jugs or something with the aid of a bambookeeshffumeshffumɛshffumteshffumtèshffumɛɛkemmbuŋ
shfumHv1gather or congregate near or around someone or something2flock to someone or somethingkeeshfumshfumɛshfumteshfumtèshfumɛɛ
shfuse1LHvclothe with an elegant garmentshfuseshfuuseshfuusèshfusɛɛ
shfuse2LHv1how a crowd surges or rushes together to one object, place, or person2the way that many people may attack or fall on someoneshfuseshfuuseshfuusèshfusɛɛ
shfuuMMnkind of grass always in a bunch; people hardly clear it; it is believed witches hide under it when entering a village or when being chased
shfuuŋkɛnLLHHv1flavourful2smelling or scenting nicely or pleasantlyshfuuŋkɛnshfuuŋkeneshfuuŋkenèshfuuŋkenɛɛ
shfuuwseHHHvthe taking of a prized or extraordinary animal that one has killed, such as a leopard, buffalo, "water dog," etc. to present to the nfon as a giftkeeshfuuwseshfuuwseshfuuwseeshfuuwseèshfuuwsɛɛ