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shfuyHvgrumble in discontent by making a low pitched soundNdibvugoom be ɛ ja lɛ wen ejeme, bó ɛ shfuy lo wvú.Ndibvugoom got up to say something and they just grumbled against him.shfuyɛshfuyteshfuytèshfuyɛɛ
shieshíeLL.HHn9/10fowl or chickenFinse fi Bokfuu le nu ɛ die boom bo shíe le yuufe.Bokfuu’s cat has eaten the hen’s ten chicks.
shiee1HHHn1/21need2want3wish4desire5reason for doing something6interest; showing a high degree of seriousness, focus, engagement in a particular thing7necessityWvú lemte lemme bô shiee.He is a serious worker.gom
shieeleMMMLv1need2want3require4wish5desire6interest7search forkeeshieeleshieeleshieeleeshieeleèshieelɛɛgomte
shie yi kiɛɛnshíe yi kiɛɛnLL H MLL.HH H MLLn9/10hen
shiiMMv1sit down2come or go down3descend from one place to another4sinkƐ́ ben dio shii bvudvuu le, fò wo cawse ye yó kɛ, ɛ wo no nù wɛɛ.And when you sit in a place don’t be raising your body, you should be gentle.keeshiishiilɛshiileshiilèshiilɛɛ
shiike ɛkolɛidhumble oneself
shii kenyiidwaiting though uninvitedWee ɛ shii kenyi ke bvulem e.He is waiting to be served bvulem though he is uninvited.
shiimLHvcommit suicide by hangingkeeshiimshiimɛshiimeshiimèshiimɛɛ
shiindishiinMMn5/13raffia rope
shii weMM lhvsit up from a lying positionshiilɛ weshiile weshiilè weshiilɛɛ we
shikeLHv1put something down2drain away3ruining someone’s business4how someone goes to a widow and asks to be able to use her money in order to increase it and at the end of the day they have used itkeeshikeshikeshiiwseshiiwsèshikɛɛ
shike ɛkolɛLH MMMidhumble yourself (positive connotation)
shike misɛmLH MLvdropping tearsshike misɛmshiiwse misɛmshiiwsè misɛmshikɛɛ misɛm
shim1Mv1stretch an elastic object such as a catapult or slingshot2pull3tug4dragkeeshimshimɛshimteshimtèshimɛɛ
shim2Mnspinning top used for games
shiŋHvstir; to move around and mix (especially a liquid) with a spoon or other cooking utensilkeeshiŋshiŋɛshiiŋkeshiiŋkèshiŋɛɛ
shiwMv1shake2trouble one’s mind3unsettle4disturb5alarmkeeshiwshiwɛshiikeshiikèshiwɛɛ
shiwshiwshiwLLLideoaction of pulling something outWee ɛ shiw ɛkfuyɛɛ nɛn shiwshiwshiw.Someone had pulled out a bamboo from the tree.
shoMv1wash; clean something or one’s body with water or other liquid, usually with soap2wipe; clean or dry by rubbing, especially with a cloth3clean4scrubkeeshosholɛsholesholèsholɛɛ
shomHshomevsigh; to make a long deep-sounding breath, showing tiredness, sadness, longingFo wee edu lɛ wen ke egɛn egom bigew bì ke ebuy ntfuu ɛ́ wee eshom.A person should not say that he will go and find money, when tomorrow comes he will sigh (regret it).keeshomshomɛshomteshomtèshomɛɛ