Nooni - English


caʼbocaʼHn1/2barn with four sidesŋwaw
caaLLLideohow rain falls continuouslyJaŋ gbwee caaa.Rain is falling continuously.
caafiɛLLHHciafiɛvcrush something wet or moistkeecaafiɛcaafiɛcaaficaafìcaafiɛɛmoy
CaameLLLnphonorific title of nfonbvule, ɛkamɛ ke ŋakaa, Nyaa, Mbe
caanLLadv, quantlittle; smallWee ewvum ŋgaywee, ɛ́ ŋgaywee ewvum wan caan.A person should respect an elder and an elder respect a child.shikeey
caancɛMMHv1despise; to look down on someone with contempt, hatred, and to regard as worthless2punish or criticize severely3defy; to show no fear of nor respect for otherskeecaancɛcaancɛcaancicaancìcaancɛɛ
ca baHHv1complain2be dissatisfied, particularly with food3disqualifykeeca baca bacaa bacaà bacaɛ ba
cacacaLLLidsound of rain falling continuouslyJaŋ too cacaca.Rain falls continuously
cafeLHvrough eatingkeecafe
cafecafe1LLLLideoroughnessBikaa biew nu cafecafe.He has feet that are rough.
cafecafe2LLLLideowater in the mouthBvulɛm nu cafecafe ɛmvu.Fufu is watery in my mouth.
cakeLHv1remove or take away something2liftkeecakecakecawsecawsècakɛɛ
cam2Hv1condole or grieve with2sympathizekeecamcamɛcamtecamtècamɛɛ
CamkfuŋHHChamkfungnpquarter in Djottin from Nfonti on the way to Jee yi baay
cam shenH Mid1be merciful or show mercy2condole with otherskeecam shen
cam yeH Mid1pity for oneself or for another2regret
can1cánlm.Mn9/10cushion or pad used to stand or place pots or calabashes on or for carrying things on the head
can2cánM.Hn9/10Tantalus monkeyCercopithecus tantalus
can bvuyɛwidguilt free; literally "hands palms up"Can yɛm nu bvuyɛw yî fiɛɛ fin e.I am innocent in this matter.
cancanMMidempty handed
can yì dewkeneidthief; literally "long hand"Wan wvun dewkene can baay.This child is a real thief.
can yì fuuidthieving nature; literally "hands that are itchy"Can ye fuu baay.He is a thief.
can yì ŋɛyteidloving to use hands; literally "itchy hands"Can ye ŋɛyte baay.He loves using his hands.
caŋdicaŋhl.Mhlcaŋen5/13broomstick used to stir frying grainBwee la kaaŋke bonfune ɛ̂ keŋge bô caŋe.The woman of the compound fries corn in a clay pot with a stir-stick.