Nooni - English


cii1cíiMMcilequantall; quantifier specifying the whole, noun class 9/10
cii2MMcilequantall; quantifier specifying the whole, noun class 4
ciimHHtiimv1stick closely to somebody2fully established or permanentkeeciimciimciimeciimèciimɛɛ
ciinseHHHcinsev1escort or accompany someone2send someone somewhere3appreciate someone; if for example a lady comes to visit for whatever reason—friendship or a cry-die—and brings food whether cooked or uncooked. When she takes leave of you, you hand back the dish in which the food was brought, but you don’t hand it back empty. You place something in it useful such as salt, oil, a piece of soap, or money in appreciation of the food that was brought. If you fail to do so then you have failed to ciinse that person even though you might have walked 1/2 kilometre to "escort" herMʼŋgɛne keencinse waa wɛm fô yew ŋwaʼ le.I am sending my child to school.keecinseciinseciinseeciinseèciinsɛɛ
ciise1LLHv1emphasize or draw attention to2mark3warnkeeciiseciiseciiseeciiseèciisɛɛ
ciiyewdiciiyewHHM.HHMn5/13veranda or sitting areacile
ciledicileHL.HHLn5/131veranda or porch2elevated seating place for notable peopleciiyew
cim1Hv1dig; to turn up, loosen, and move earth2make a hole by removing the earthBokɛnɛ be keyte bvulɛm, ɛ bolemsɛ cimte jem.The women are cooking fufu and the men are digging a grave.keecimcimɛcimtecimtècimɛɛ
cim2HadvevenƐ bó faŋɛ yaa cim kɛŋke naa lo kefew keediekɛn kɛ.They didn’t have the time to eat food.naa
cimeHHv1root2establish something firmlykeecimecimecimyicimyìcimyɛɛ
cimseHHvcomfort or console someone who is cryingkeecimsecimsecimseecimseècimsɛɛ
cin1lhn18waist; the part of the human body between the ribs and the hipscin dvu me,on my waist.
cin2Hv1stamp the feet2frequent a placekeecincinɛcinecinècinɛɛncin
cin3Mv1fill2packkeecincinɛcinecinècinɛɛbaancɛ, facɛ, miɛm
cinɛHHv1leave2abandon3allow4release or let go5neglectkeecinɛcinɛcin'yicin'yìcin'yɛɛ
cinɛnLHv1collide2disagree3be in opposition to one anotherkeecinɛncinɛncinenecinenècinenɛɛ
cinɛn yeidto be at loggerheads or at an impasse
ciŋHv1shake; to move quickly up and down or from side to side2shiver; to shake or tremble, especially from cold or fear3convulse; to shake violently or uncontrollablykeeciŋciŋɛciiŋkeciiŋkèciŋɛɛ
ciŋciŋMMv1hasty in action2recklessciŋciŋciŋciŋeciŋciŋèciŋciŋɛɛ
cite bitemidstubborn; literally "quiet ears"Wan wvun cite bitem baay.This is a stubborn child.
citɛnLHv1unconscious2be in a coma or a state of unconsciousness due to an illness or injurycitɛncitenecitenècitenɛɛ
ciw1Mvcontaminate; make liquid to become dirty or impurekeeciwciwɛciikeciikèciwɛɛ
ciw2Hv1plaster; put a mixture of cement, sand, and water on walls to form a hard, smooth surface2paintkeeciwciwɛciikeciikèciwɛɛ