Nooni - English


ciwlɛLHciwlɛnv1have character2persevere or endure3become immune to something by enduring itkeeciwlɛciwlɛciwleneciwlenèciwlɛnɛɛ
ciwsɛHHciwfsɛverase or wipe awaykeeciwsɛciwsɛciwseciwsèciwsɛɛfiwsɛ
coʼdicoʼhl.MhlEnglish:churchcocn5/131church2a local group of Christian worshippers3Bibl.all true believers in Jesus Christ throughout the world4a building made for public Christian worship
cococoLLLideohow a cow or horse urinatesNa’ jayte cococo.The cow is urinating so much.
coʼ gasadicoʼ di gasa lehl LLyew nyoʼ; coʼ; yew bunlen5/13Muslim mosque
cokɛnLHvmanage to do or say something or give something, such as when a visitor comes and you have no food to give but you just manage to serve somethingkeecokɛncokɛncokenecokenècokenɛɛwowlɛn
coleHHvgrumbling of the stomach; the noise one’s stomach makes when hungrycolecooyicooyìcolɛɛ
comMv1bud; how a small knob, flower, or leaf not yet fully open develops into a branch, leaf, or flower2sprout; to begin to grow or appear3colourkeecomcomɛcomtecomtècomɛɛncom
comeLHv1underrate something2offer a word or a bit of something to show generosity to a visitor or guestWee wvun nu wee ken'yiimɛn. Me nu ɛ ley yew dvu wvú, wvú baa come lo me kɛ!That person is a selfish man. I entered his house and he did not share anything me!keecomecomecomyicomyìcomyɛɛ
conMv1groan; to make a deep, prolonged sound expressing pain, grief, annoyance or disapproval2moan; to make a prolonged, low, mournful sound, usually indicating suffering or griefkeeconconɛconeconèconɛɛdvum
coŋ1Hvsteal; to take what belongs to another without any right or permissionNo cuwee to kee lɛ, kɛ kpwoon wvun yaa kee ŋwaʼ kɛ, ɛ wvú mum saŋ bigew ɛ bí duu fesɛn wvu lɛ bí ké dioo ɛ to ɛ́ wen ecoŋ kebɛse.Since the young man knew that the woman was illiterate, he decided to increase the amount of money demanded by the woman because he wanted to steal it.keecoŋcoŋacooŋkecooŋkècoŋɛɛ
coŋ2dicoŋMn5/13palace or royal dance by women using the drum, rattle, and kenffuy
cooŋbocoŋLH.MHn1/2thief, one who takes what belongs to another without any right or permissionƐ cooŋ dioo fele laŋ jise yɛn kpwow wvudvu le, mum coŋ.A thief came along, saw the basket, and stole it.
cooŋkɛnLLHv1beg, plead, or ask for something earnestly2thank3discusskeecooŋkɛncooŋkɛncooŋkenecooŋkenècooŋkɛnɛɛkee wo, lɛkɛ
cooyHHv1be hard up or lacking, not having your basic needs2desperate; having become hopeless or almost without hopekeecooycooyɛcooyicooyìcooyɛɛ
cow1Hvscorn; make a sharp noise with the tongue as abusekeecowcowɛcowtecowtècowɛɛwɛyse, bu, mnwaŋ
cow2Mvsip; to drink only tiny amounts of water at a timekeecowcowɛcowtecowtècowɛɛ
cow3Mvcarve or hollow something outcowɛcookecookècowɛɛ
cowtolooLMLLideotastelessMbase nu ɛmvu nɛn cowtoloo.The soup is tasteless in the mouth.
cu1Mvaccuse falselycuɛcuci, cuucucì, cuùcucɛɛ, cuɛɛtey, tɛɛ
cu2Mvchoose or select; this word often occurs with ntaŋ to give the meaning of taking a decisioncuɛcuucuùcuɛɛcaw
cucucuMMMideodescriptive of heat or feverƐkolɛ yvuuse me nɛn cucucu.My head is very hot.