Nooni - English


cu dieeM MMMvname a childcuɛ dieecuu dieecuù dieecuɛɛ dieenya diee
cufe1HHvchisel; cut into or shape wood or stone with a metal tool having a sharp edgekeecufecufecuutecuutècufɛɛ
cufe2HHvdo something swiftly or quicklykeecufecufecuutecuutècufɛɛ
cukɛLHvwashWvú cuke ye.He is washing himself.keecukɛcukɛcukecukècukɛɛncuke
cukɛ fiteleLH MMLidconfesssee, jeme
cun1Hv1snatch something quickly2vaccinate3prune or cut something quicklykeecuncunɛcun'yicun'yìcun'yɛɛcɛy
cun2cúnL.Hn9/101shelter or hut; a small building usually made of bamboo or wood, especially one used for staying in temporarily2market stall or booth for selling goods
cu ntaŋH Mv1decide something or take a decision2advise3plan; decide how something is to be done4propose or make a suggestion5concerting for actionkeecu ŋtaŋcuɛ ntaŋcuu ntaŋcuù ntaŋcuɛɛ ntaŋyɛn
cun yeM Mdon yev1put marks on the different parts of the body such as the lips, face, chest, back2tattoo (English); make a permanent mark or design on the skin, especially by the process of pricking and staining with a permanent kind of ink or colouringcunɛ yecune yecunè yecunɛɛ ye
cuŋHv1decay2rotkeecuŋcuŋɛcuuŋkecuunkècuŋɛɛduwsɛ, fo, fɛw
cuu1cúuLM.MMn9/101dung, manure, or faeces; solid waste materials passed from the bowels by people, and animals2a word used to abuse someone
cuu2dicuuHMn5/13handsome, describing a manŋgone; bvujoŋke
cuufiɛLLHHvcompletely scatterkeecuufiɛ
cuu nyamMM Ln9/10animal dung
cuuseHHHvurge or send a dog to huntkeecuusecuusecuuseecuuseècuusɛɛkuuse
cuw1Mv1grease or lubricate2soak or moistenkeecuwcuwɛcuukecuukècuwɛɛ
cuw2Hvgive medical treatment or health carekeecuwcuwɛcuukecuukècuwɛɛ
cuw3cúwL.mln9/10a small mammal called rock hyrax, also called a coneyProcavia capensis
cuw4cúwM.Mn9/10gravel; small rough stones such as laterite
cuwcuwLHv1using water to remove dirt2apply oil to a blister or woundcuwcuwcuwcuwecuwcuwècuwcuwɛɛ
cuweecubonyiiHLLn1/2young manƐ cuwee wvù bô wvú to nu gay lɛ, "Saŋɛ ŋwaʼ fô waa wo le ɛ́ wvú eciinse bigew."The young man who was with her said, "Write a letter to your son that he send money."
cuyHcey, tffuyvspit; to eject something from the mouthkeecuycuyɛcuytecuytècuyɛɛncɛŋ
cuycuyHHideotsk-tsk; make small spittle on something