Nooni - English



caseHHv1snub or look down on someone2ignore3underminekeecasecasecaasecaasècasɛɛ
caw1Hv1select or choose2prefer3discriminateBokuŋ ɛ kaw ŋkaw ɛ guy bikele bi ŋkauw e nteen. Geenɛn, ɛ caw bvudvuu bvu ŋkaw e ɛ ŋkáuw nu fó baay.Bokung organized a feast and bought many bags of salt. But he chose a feast site that was full of jiggers!keecawcawɛcawte, cawcicawtè, cawcìcawɛɛtew, cu
caw2Mvdig swampy place with the intention of improving the quality of waterkeecawcawɛcaakecaakècawɛɛ
caw bonyiiH MMLvelect or selectcawɛ bonyiicawte, cawci bonyiicawtè, cawcì bonyiicawɛɛ bonyiibaa bonyii
cawcawLHvgradually diminishing of rainfallJaŋ cawcaw e wase.Rain is already diminishing.keecawcawcawcawcawcawecawcawècawcawɛɛ
cawcawcawLLLideodescribing something that is very wateryNshɛ nu cawcawcaw.The soil is very watery.
caycaycayHHHideovery red in colourƐlɛmɛ yɛɛle caycaycay.Blood is very (dark) red.
ce1Hv1live somewhere2stay overnightWvú cee Laan.He lives in Lassin.keecececeeceèceɛnce
ce2M.Mn9/10palm kernelƐsiysenyoʼ ké no kooŋke keediee cé baay.Ɛsiysenyo’ usually likes to be eating palm kernels.
ce balacé balaM LLn9/10coconut
cee1céeLM.MMn9/10pouched rat or mole; a small, burrowing animal with tiny eyes, hidden ears, and soft fur
cee2bòceeMM.LMMn1/2fathercee bonyiiMM MMLn1/2father of people, nfoncee boomMM MMn1/2father of the childrencee bvujenMM LMn1/2a man just married or about to be marriedWvú nu ke nu cee bvujen ɛjim jo kpwee wvun.He will be married next month.cee bwɛɛmMM MLn1/2my maternal grandfathercee cee bwɛɛmMM MM MLn1/2my maternal great grandfathercee cee icɛmMM MM HLn1/2paternal great grandfathercee ɛkolɛMM MMMn1/2leader or head personcee gbwenMM Mn1/2land lordcee icɛmbocee icɛmMM HL.LMM HLn1/2paternal grandfathercee kpwawMM Mn1/2rich person or wealthy personcee kpwɛɛ wɛmMM MM Ln1/2father-in-lawcee laMM Hn1/21head of a compound2administrator3minister in a churchCee la Bobane bô kpwɛse kɛŋke boom bomɛɛ?How many children do compound head Bobane and his wife have?cee nfonMM Ln1/2nfon’s fathercee ntewMM Ln1/2quarter headcee wɛmMM Ln1/2a term of endearment which communicates a deeper love than other Noni words or expressions for lovecee woŋMM mln1/21president or head leader2nfon, chief, kingcee yewMM Mn1/2head of the house
ceesaŋboceesaŋHLH.LHLHceensaŋn1/2rattle box used as a musical instrument; made from raffia; used for njaŋ, ndoŋ, and in some churcheskaa
cekeyLHHadvquicklyTo cekey!Come quick!
cekey cekeyLH LHidvery quicklyTo cekey cekey!Come right now!
cem1Hvdrip or drop of any kind of liquidkeecemcemɛcemtecemtècemɛɛ
cem2cémM.Mn9/10navel; a depression or place in the middle of the abdomen or stomach which marks the point of attachment of the foetus to the mother
cemsɛnHHv1be in agreement2align with3emerge from either a shortcut or from a narrow path to a target destination or to the main route leading to a destination4arrive at the solution to a problem by some other means than the orthodox method of solving the problemkeecemsɛncemsɛncemsenecemsenècemsenɛɛkoonɛn
ceseHHv1keep something, such as keeping someone up all night long2make an offering at a shrinekeeceseceseceeseceesècesɛɛncese
cewMv1give an injunction2warn sternly3bless traditionallykeecewcewɛceekeceekècewɛɛ
cewcewHHidspeak bitterly or very sternly to someoneWvú nu ɛ jeme ɛ cewcew lo.He spoke very sternly.
ce weM LHvkeep awake overnightce wecee weceè weceɛ weshese we
-cɛHaspsfxa verbal suffix meaning "a little"; when added to the verb it diminishes, attenuates, or weakens the force of the wordFicɛ me.Help me a bit.
cɛɛ1HHvpuncture; make a small holekeecɛɛcɛɛcɛɛlecɛɛlècɛɛlɛɛtoo, kay