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gbwagbwabogbwagbwaLH.LLHgwagwan1/2duck; any of various swimming birds which have a wide, flat beak, and short legs and necks, often kept for meat, eggs, and soft feathersShíe bô bogbwagbwa bò to kfuke yew to nu ɛ fiekɛn ɛ̂ ɛge we.Fowls and ducks which were sitting on the eggs in house all were burned.
gbwagbwa wvù ɛ joobogbwagbwa bò ɛ jooLH.LLH M H LLn1/2white-backed duck; the male and female are similar in appearance with a white back and mostly brown elsewhere; sits low on the water and dives beneath the water; often found in pairs or in small groupsThalassornis leucomotus
gbwaseLHv1being used to or accustomed to2think over; often used in a negative sense3put interest in somethingkeegbwasegbwasegbwaasegbwaasègbwasɛɛkpwaw, tffume
gbwe1Mkeegwev1fall2the power, position, influence of someone coming to an end3to suffer failure or defeat4to pass into a new state or condition, such as falling sickƐge to nu ɛ buy ɛbo jo wvú gbwe kpweken.The eggs fell out of his hand and broke.keegbwegbweɛgbweegbweègbweɛkesɛ, bvuse
gbwe2gbwéL.Hgwe, gben9/10bird known as a partridge, referred to as francolinFrancolinus spp
gbweegeeHH.HHnum3/4one hundred
gbwe ɛjim joM LH Mid1rally behind someone2give allegiance to someone and their beliefs or doctrines
gbwe ɛjiseM LMHv1fall before2plead; make an urgent requestgbweɛ ɛjisegbwee ɛjisegbweè ɛjisegbweɛ ɛjise
gbwe kaŋ kencokeM L LHLidbankrupt; not having money for paying one’s debts
gbwekene wvuŋLHH Madj1smelling nice2tasty flavour
gbwekɛnMHv1feel high regard for2honourgbwekɛngbwekenegbwekenègbwekenɛɛwvum, ŋvum
gbweleLHvharvestkeegwelegbwelegbwecigbwecìgbwecɛɛkuu, kpweseŋgbwele; jewe
gbwengenM.Mdwin; nshɛn3/41land or plot2area or territoryNo bó to ɛ yɛn wvú le, lɛkɛ lɛ wvú enɛ gbwen bowen e.As they came and saw him, they pleaded that he should leave their area.
gbwen bvugoomM MHHidhunting field
gbwen ɛgayM MHHn3/4pasture
gbwen jemM Ln3/4battle field; a large area where fighting has taken place
gbwen nsakeM LLidprostitution; literally "field of prostitution"
gbwe nsawM LMv1find guilty2lose a casegbweɛ nsawgbwee nsawgbweè nsawgbweɛ nsaw
gbwetɛnLHv1monitor someone’s footsteps or action with suspicion2waitkeegbwetɛngbwetɛngbwetenegbwetenègbwetenɛɛcey
gbwew1gewH.Hn3/4elephant grass stem prepared as material for weaving basketkegiŋɛɛ
gbwew2gbwéwL.Mn9/10shoulder; the place where one’s arm attaches to the body
gbwe wayM Hv1lose market2bankrupt; not having money for paying one’s debtsgbweɛ waygbwee waygbweè waygbweɛ way
gbwewlebogbwewleLHM.LLHMn1/2giant earth worm
gbwɛɛgɛɛML.MLn3/41ceiling2attic3vault or safe for storing valuables or moneyKoŋla ɛ shike bonfune ɛgbwɛɛ bocii ɛ gese.Kongla has brought down all the corn from the ceiling and sold it.kewe

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