Nooni - English


la1Mv1go missing2disappear3be lostlaɛlaalaàlaɛ
la2Hvlick; to move the tongue across a surface in order to wet, clean, or taste itkeelalalalelalèlalɛɛ
la3Hintwhat; a question word used in questions about an unknown person, place, thing, event, etcWo lemte la?What are you working?Ɛ̀ to ge la?What happened?
la4ɛlaH.MMladimen5/61compound2dwelling place where everyone lives together under one head person, but in separate places
laa1Mvgo to a specific place and with a specific purpose, such as to go to war, go to the farm, go to the bush, go to hunt, go to the market, etcƐ wee wvù to bvuu tomci bwee nshii ja we gay lɛ, "Bó be laa fɛn keeto lemte ɛ ɛ̀ nu lemme".The assistant group leader stood up and said, "We came here to work!"keelaalaaɛlaalelaalèlaalɛɛgɛnkfulɛ
laa2LLadvwhetherMe ŋkee lo lɛ yî kefew ke keseen e nu ɛ kpwoon gɛne kɛŋkɛ bigew biew, mum no duu lɛ laa diemsɛn nu la lɛ.I really know that at this time, when a woman has her money, she will then be saying that a husband is what?kenɛɛ
laa bô bwéMM hl Hvhunt with dogslaaɛ bô bwélaale bô bwélaalè bô bwélaalɛɛ bô bwé
laa byeMM Hvgo fishinglaaɛ byelaale byelaalè byelaalɛɛ bye
laa ghaneMM MHvvisit; to go and spend time with someone for social or family reasonskeelaghanelaaɛ ghanelaale ghanelaalè ghanelaalɛɛ ghane
laa jemMM Lvwage or conduct warlaaɛ jemlaale jemlaalè jemlaalɛɛ jem
laalaŋbolaalaŋLLF.LLLFn1/2berry berry; fruit with a thorny stem
laameMMLv1don’t worry2don’t reactlaamelaamelaamèlaamɛɛ
LaanLHLassinnpvillage in Lower Noni area also called LassinKelum ke 2003 bô 2004 se nu ɛ befe baay ɛ keba ke ŋguy e. Kɛ Laan maaŋ nu ɛ yew ɛ fie wase yuufe.The year of 2003 and 2004 were very bad concerning fires. In Lassin alone ten houses burned.
laayHHv1be quietly in a place2carefree or having little or no worries3hidekeelaaylaayelaayilaayìlaayɛɛlaŋcɛ, nyiaŋ
laayɛLLHv1miscarry2abort3result to nothingkeelaayɛlaayɛlaayilaayìlaayɛɛ
laba1bolabaML.LMLn1/2a cattle disease which may cause death
lacɛ diuwHH MMvlick one’s lipslacɛ diuwlaci diuwlacì diuwlacɛɛ diuw
lacilaciLLLLideostickyMɛɛm nu lacilaci.The oil is sticky.lecileci, matemate
LafeleHMHnpquarter in Djottin
lakfulɛɛŋdilakfulɛŋHMHH.MHMHHn5/13courtyard; an area enclosed by walls or buildings
lam1Mv1spread all over, especially true with creeping crops2come over as a dream comes over someonekeelamlamɛlamtelamtèlamɛɛlente, daŋ
lam2dilamhl.MhlEnglishn5/13lamp; a device for giving light, using kerosene, gas, or electricity