Nooni - English



latɛnLHv1tarry2to divert attention from a main issue to irrelevant issuesƐ wvú gɛn latɛn baay dioo too ɛ wan ɛ shɛɛ wase ɛ kpwe.He went and delayed a lot, and when he returned the child had died.keelatɛnlatɛnlatenelatenèlatenɛɛ
law1Mvpay or compensate someone for workkeelawlawɛlaakelaakèlawɛɛmawcɛnlaw, nlawma
law2bolawM.LMn1/21spark; a brief flash of fire produced by striking hard metal or stones together or from a burning bit of wood thrown off by a fire2flash; a sudden, bright burst of light
LawLnpmorning star; a bright planet (such as Venus) seen in the eastern sky before or at sunrise
lawcɛLHvbeckon someone using motionskeelawcɛlawcɛlawcilawcìlawcɛɛ
lawedilaweML.MMLn5/131cobweb made by a spider2gristle; strands or string of tough tissue in meat3vine
lawe di ntoombuŋ eML M LLL Hn5creeping grass used for medicinal purposes
law fiooM LLtfusevreturn or repay a debtlawɛ fioolaake fioolaakè fioolawɛɛ fioo
lawfseMMvthe behaviour of a young woman flirting with or seeking to attract the attention of a young mankeelawfselawfselawfseelawfseèlawfsɛɛ
law kejowM MHvpay a finelawɛ kejoylaake kejowlaakè kejowlawɛɛ kejow
lawkɛnLHv1brilliant2lightning3bright4sparkle5flash6very cleanJón lawkene we.Stars are shining above.keelawkɛnlawkɛnlawkenelawkenèlawkenɛɛnlawkɛn
lawlawLHv1shine2sparkle; to give out repeated brief flashes of lightlawlawlawlawelawlawèlawlawɛɛ
law mvunyiimL MHHvtrap birds usually by using a gummy or sticky substance
LawnfuMM.LMM1n1/2caretaker of the Mfu house2np1masculine name
layMv1glue or gum; a substance used for sticking and holding things together2sealkeelaylayɛlaytelaytèlayɛɛ
layntoŋbolayntoŋLL.LLLn1/2small black cap which covers only the back of the head, such as a bishop’s cap
lay wvunM Hid1neglect responsibility of work or from a situation2running away from responsibility, or from an issue, or a scene like a frightened dog placing its tail between its legs and running awaynwaw
leL or Hedisdiscourse marker; this small word occurs frequently in the Nooni language. It appears to function as a kind of completive by bringing the action to a closing or to an end; it always occurs at the end of a phrase or clause and without it the phrase or clause is incomplete or somehow lacking. When it follows a consonant it is spoken as e and it is spoken as le when it follows a vowel
lecileciHLHLideostickyNyaaŋguu nu mbase yî lecileci.Soup prepared from certain plants is sticky in the mouth.matemate, lacilaci
leedilee, ɛleŋML.MMLn5/13brown, yellow, or green garden fruit (pumpkin) that may be round, long, or oblong in shape; it is believed the leaves add blood to the body when cooked and eaten
leem1HHv1stand2arrive at a firm conclusion3stand on a matter or firmly hold something to be true4stand for or represent something as a picture or imagekeeleemleemɛleemeleemèleemɛɛleeme fwe wɛmHHH H Hid1bear witness2plead for meben nsawleeme tɛmyiMML MLvstand strong or persevere in difficultyleemɛ tɛmyileeme tɛmyileemè tɛmyileemɛɛ tɛmyileem ɛntelɛŋHH MMMv1intervene2intercept3stand in the middle or centrekeeliy ɛntelɛŋleemɛ ɛntelɛŋleeme ɛntelɛŋleemè ɛntelɛŋleemɛɛ ɛnteleŋleem fueHH Mvconceive or become pregnantkeeleem fueleemɛ fueleeme fueleemè fueleemɛɛ fueleem ntayHH Mv1give a good and honest account2stand firmleemɛ ntayleeme ntayleemè ntayleemɛɛ ntayleem ŋgoo leHH MM Hvline up in a row or queueleemɛ ŋgoo leleeme ŋgoo leleemè ŋgoo leleemɛɛ ŋgoo ledaa ŋgooleem weHH lhvstand up from a sitting positionleemɛ weleeme weleemè weleemɛɛ weja we, nɛ weleem yî diɛweHH M LL Hid1stand on one’s word2be faithfulleem yî kecɛɛy eid1stand on the truth2be faithful
leem2MMv1stop; cease from doing something or cease from motion2brake; reduce speed and come to a halt3waitkeeleemleemɛleemeleemèleemɛɛ
lefeHHvsleep; to rest with the eyes closed and be in a state of natural unconsciousnesskeelefelefeleeteleetèlefɛɛ
lekeHHv1place something upright2discipline3decidekeelekelekelewselewsèlekɛɛleke ɛ̂ jeHH M Lid1discipline2put on the right footingleke lɛŋ; leke teyteyleke lɛŋHH Hiddisciplineleke ɛ je; leke teyteyleke teyteyHH lhMiddisciplineleke ɛ je; leke lɛŋleke weeHH LLvmake someone waitleke weelewse weelewsè weelekɛɛ wee
lelɛdilelɛHLngrass with very bitter, tiny compound leaves