Nooni - English


naʼbonaʼL.LLn1/2cow; mature male or female cattle
naaHLadv1even; often occurs with no "even as"2rather3any4whateverNaa lo kɛ ɛ nulo ɛ fí enu nonɛn kɛ!No, it cannot be so!cim
naa…cimHL Hdiseven though
naa fɛɛHL LLprepwherever
naamɛɛdinamɛɛHHHL.MHHHLn5/13weed; any unwanted wild plant
naamɛɛ di shewHHHM M Hn5/13a kind of weedHydrolea palustris ?
namabonamaLL.LLLn1/21weed; any unwanted wild plant2tobacco; a plant native to tropical America, having broad leaves, used chiefly for smoking. The leaves of this plant, processed for use in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. The smoking of tobacco is a major cause of throat and lung cancer and emphysema (a lung condition that causes difficulty in breathing)3marijuana; the dried leaves, stems, etc. of the hemp plant, used to make a hallucinogenic drug, especially in the form of cigarettes
nanMv1abuse; to say hurtful or rude things to or about someone2insult; to treat or speak to someone with scorn or great disrespect; to say or do something that hurts or intends to hurt the feelings of someone3speak badly or evil about4use strong offensive languagekeenannanɛnanenanènanɛɛjiŋ, lon, low, nan
nanasedinanseHHL.MHHLFrench:ananasn5/13pineapple; a large juicy tropical fruit with a mass of stiff leaves on topkeŋgom kè facɛɛn
naŋcɛHHvto be the second person in killing or having seen an animal shot during huntingkeenaŋcɛnaŋcɛnaŋcinaŋcìnaŋcɛɛ
nawtɛnLHvloiter majesticallynawtɛnnawtenenawtenènawenɛɛ
naʼ wvù diemsenL H MLHn1/2bull
naʼ wvù ɛ̂ jooL H L ML.LL H L MLbiyoo bi ɛ̂ joon1/2hippopotamus
ncaa mbiayboncaa mbiayLL MHH.LLL MHHn1/2typical liar
ncaguguboncaguguMLL.LMLLn1/21spider; a small eight-legged animal (not an insect) which spins a web in which to catch insects2a skin related sickness which spreads on the body
ncalaŋboncalaŋLml.LLmln1/2palm frond stalk, used mainly for making brooms and weaving
ncancancewboncancancewLLF.LLLFn1/2bird referred to as a bronze mannikinLonchurus cucullatusflaŋ
ncawboncawM.LMn1/21prison2chain; a flexible length usually made of metal links, joined to or fitted into one another, used for pulling heavy loads, fastening, etcshaŋ
ncaw nyambalaM LLLn1/2bridle; the straps and reins worn on a horse’s head by which it is controlled
ncelhnv1/21life; from ce2behaviour3fashionBogela kɛŋke nce wvù jee njefo wvú yuuke bwee bô ice le.Bogela has good behaviour because she is obedient to her parents.
nceenceeMMLLprepnearmbewncejole, ntamndwee
nceendaabonceendaaLLML.LLLMLn1/2traditional messenger from the palace
nceendaa Nyoʼbonceendaa bo Nyoʼ leLLML L . LLLML M L Hn1/2angel of God
ncenjoleLHHncejoleprep1far away in distance2apart3far in time4long agofonfwan, ntamndwee