Nooni - English


nyawcɛHHvtiptoe; to walk very gently with short steps in an area so one’s steps do not disturb othersnyawɛnyawcinyawcìnyawɛɛnyawnyaw
nyawnyawHHvstand on the tips of your toes to stand as high as you cannyawnyawnyawnyawenyawnyawènyawnyawɛɛnyawcɛ
nyɛɛyHHv1persist in a demand or request2demand3insist on something repeatedly4continuously bore or bother someonekeenyɛɛynyɛɛyɛnyɛɛyinyɛɛyìnyɛɛyɛɛ
nyɛkeeyMHHn1peace2calmness3quietness4freedom from anxiety5a state of freedom from disorder within a country or body of people, with the citizens or members living according to the law6meek7humbleNyɛkeey se nu ɛ no nu dvú yî kpwee le tfuu.There has been peace for a whole month.kembonɛn
nyɛnLn1filthy2dirty3indecent or inappropriate fashion or behaviour4very bad behaviour
nyɛn kentuŋtuŋL LMHnear wax
nyɛn keteL MMnmoss on tree trunks
nyɛnseLHv1despise; to look down on with contempt2to regard as worthless or of little or no valuekeenyɛnsenyɛnsenyɛnseenyɛnseènyɛnsɛɛ
nyɛnsene bô fiɛɛMLL hl MLLidpainstaking; taking time to do something very carefullyMama kee keenyɛnsen lo bô fiɛɛ.Mama knows how to take time to do it very well.
nyɛŋsɛnHHvweed neatlynyɛŋsɛnnyɛŋsenenyɛŋsenènyɛŋsenɛɛ
nyɛwMv1abuse; to say hurtful or rude things to or about someone2ill-treat; to treat people or animals wrongly, improperly, or cruelly3beat; to punish or hurt by hitting with hard blows repeatedly4spoil5waste6be heartless, cruel or very unkindkeenyɛwnyɛwɛnyɛɛkenyɛɛkènyɛwɛɛ
nyɛyMvretell an event word for wordkeeŋyɛynyɛyɛnyɛytenyɛytènyɛyɛɛ
nyi1Mvexcrete; to expel waste from the bodykeenyinyiɛnyiinyiìnyiɛ
nyi2nyílm.Mn9/10bee; a four-winged insect with a sting, that lives in a colony and collects pollen and nectar from flowers for making wax and honey; bees are often kept in hives for the honeyŋwaw nyi
nyiaŋHHLamnsoʼadjquietlaay, wɛɛ, kenlɛɛtɛn
nyiciLLv1defecate or pass solid waste from the body2have or excrete runny stoolnyicɛnyicinyicìnyicɛɛ
nyiɛy keetoo bô ŋkoŋɛnidlove
nyii1dinyiiHMn5/13sleep; a natural periodic condition of rest characterized by unconsciousness
nyii2dinyiiHM.MHMn5/13passing of gas
nyiim1nyíimMMn9/10chaff of guinea corn
nyiim2MHlɛw, laayɛyv1hide2escape3be invisible or unseenkeenyimnyiimɛnyiimenyiimènyiimɛɛ
nyiiŋkɛnHHHv1look very intently or carefully, especially as if not able to see well2squint; to look at with half closed eyes as if looking into the brightness of the sunkeenyiiŋkɛnnyiiŋkɛnnyiiŋkenenyiiŋkenènyiiŋkenɛɛ
nyiiyɛnnyíiyɛnLLL.MMHn9/10bird known as a stream warbler; often found on the ground in thick shrub areas, moving in pairs or small groups; the male gives a high-pitched whistle; members of a group make this kind of cry while moving about in underbrush; also may sing loudly at nightBathmocercus cerviniventris
nyikɛnLHv1tough2difficult3not smooth goingkeenyikɛnnyikɛnnyikenenyikenènyikenɛɛ
nyilɛLHv1hide2make or keep secret3conceal4cachekeenyilɛnyilɛnyilenyilènyilɛɛ