Nooni - English


taHv1nail or any sharp thing2shoot3kick4playFintua fì Bobane be ta nu ɛ lun wase ɛ no maa keebii.The weaver bird that Bobane shot was already too old and could not fly.keetatataataàtaɛ
taa1HHv1look or gaze2see3supervise4watch5care for someone or something6searchWan ɛ gbwe kencɛm, ɛ ben bocii taa fò kencɛm ke wan e.The child falls sick, all of you should look after the child’s sickness.keetaataataaletaalètaalɛɛyɛn, jiŋentaa
taa2LLvframe or constructkeetayɛtaalɛtaaletaalètaalɛɛbom
taafonbotaafonMML.LMMLn1/21one who takes care of the palace and is caretaker of the nfon2director or administrator
taa fweHH lhvhope, look forward totaa fwetaale fwetaalè fwetaalɛɛ fwe
taakwabotaakwaMLM.LMLMn1/2logistics marshal
taantáanMMn9/101ash; the soft grey powder remaining after something has been burned2cement; a powdery mixture of clay and limestone which, when mixed with water and allowed to dry, becomes hard like stone3sawdust4powdery substance of any kind
taa ncɛwHH Lid1be inhospitable2ignore or refuse to pay attention
TaanfuLHM.LLHMnp1/2title in the Nfu society
TaanjoŋBotaanjoŋLHL.LLHLn1/21title in the Nfu society2soldier3infantry
TaantoBoTaantoMLM.LMLMn1/21title in the kpwifon society2legislator
taashɛ1LLHvdig something just a bit and not deep enoughtaashɛtaashitaashìtaashɛɛ
taashɛ2HHHv1join or bring together2be together3marry4reconcile5plait hairkeetaashɛtaashɛtaashitaashìtaashɛɛtasentaashɛ
taashɛ canHHH mlvcollaborate or work together; "join hands"taashɛ cantaashi cantaashì cantaashɛɛ can
taashɛ kpwoon bô diemsɛnHHH ML hl MLHidmarriage, the joining of a woman with a man in marriage
TaawaaLHHH.LLHHHnp1/2title in the manjong (drinking) society
taayɛLLHvdo something roughlytaayɛtaayitaayìtaayɛɛ
taa yɛnHH Hvtake notice, look carefullytaa yɛntaale yɛntaalè yɛntaalɛɛ yɛn
ta bikuu bi yew eH MMM M M Hvbuild the roof of a houseta bikuu bi yew etaa bikuu bi yew etaà bikuu bi yew etaɛ bikuu bi yew e
tacɛHHvpick up several things such as spilled graintacɛtacitacìtacɛɛ
ta ɛboH MHv1prohibit2deny something stronglyta ɛbotaa ɛbotaà ɛbotaɛ ɛbo
takatakaLLLLideodoing things carelessly or without being conscientiousMabu gee mwɛɛm takataka.Mabu does things without proper care.
ta keŋgenteH LHLvsomersaultkeeta keŋgenteta keŋgentetaa keŋgentetaà keŋgentetaɛ keŋgente
tam1mlntruss; a supporting framework, the tam of which is the first constructed