Nooni - English



tosɛnLHv1pass or go through or across2appear3arrive especially coming through a by-pass or a shortcuttosɛntosenetosenètosenɛɛ
tow1Mvsexual intercoursekeetowtowɛtooketookètowɛɛ
tow2Hvmix fluid in order to rub the mixture on the bodyTowcɛ ɛfuwɛ kin enya ɛ̂ wan wvun.Mix this medicine and give to this child.keetowtowɛtowtetowtètowɛɛ
toytoyHHadj1crooked; not straight, but bent or twisted2twisted
tu1Mdisthen; second part of contingent "if...then". It is a bit less certain than if ɛ́ is used as the second part of the contingent phrase and may be omitted in a negative conditional constructionƐ baa wɛ tfuse lɛ, "Ɛ́ me mbe ŋkɛŋke mbvuum tu me mbaa enshese bine din fɛn e?"The man answered, "If I had wine, wouldn’t I just keep the dance here all day long?"ɛ́
tu2Hv1become; to come to be or to happen2ripen3ferment or get badWo gomte keetu la?You want to become what (in life)? (Always negative/reproachful.)keetututuutuùtuɛ
tufeHHv1lay an egg (by a fowl)2drop somethingShie yin gomte etufe.This chicken wants to lay an egg.keetufetufetuutetuutètufɛɛ
tu jimH lhv1return or go back2retreat or withdraw3back away or move back4regresstu jimtuu jimtuù jimtuɛ jim
tukɛHHvfetch or bring something, especially waterWvú tuke joo.She is carrying water.keetukɛtukɛtuketukètukɛɛ
tumHv1shoot a gun or spear2send or cause something to gokeetumtumɛtumtetumtètumɛɛ
TumbanBotumbanHhl.LHhlnp1/2juju that dances always on the veranda, driving flies on the wall
tumcɛHHv1mend or patch2add in order to make up3heap praiseskeetumcɛtumcɛtumcitumcìtumcɛɛ
tumeditumeMHn5/13termite mound
tum ɛnvuwH MHvkneel; to go down on one or both knees; remain on the knee(s)tumɛ ɛnvuwtumte ɛnvuwtumtè ɛnvuwtumɛɛ ɛnvuw
tum jemH Lvmake warBó to ghane tumyi jɛm yî nyamabala le we, ge ley ketum e no taa bonyii bô mvun kɛŋke nyó yibo ɛ bó teŋe lɛ tokobi.They travelled, fighting on horses and entered the country shooting people with arrows and having their swords they called "tokobi".tumɛ jemtumte jemtumtè jemtumɛɛ jem
tum kaŋHLvgamble; to bet, wager, play a game for money or something else of valuekeetum kaŋtumɛ kaŋtumte kaŋtumtè kaŋtumɛɛ kaŋ
tum kelaŋH MFvput an injunction, especially by posting designed bamboo in a placetumɛ kelaŋtumte kelaŋtumtè kelaŋtumɛɛ kelaŋ
tum moŋkumH MHv1praise; the expression of admiration and the recognition of honour, goodness, worth and value; literally "heap praises"2glorify; to give glory, praise, honour, or adoration to3to make the fame or reputation of someone great by speaking praiseworthy things about him or herWvú tumte moŋkum mo Nyoʼ le.He is praising God.keetum moŋkumtumɛ moŋkumtumte moŋkumtumtè moŋkumtumɛɛ moŋkum
Tum nyamH Lnpname of nfon
tum teeHHvlay face down on the ground; prostrate oneselfkeetum tietumɛ teetumte teetumtè teetumɛɛ tee
tun1Hv1reject deliberately2refuse or forbid3denounce4disapprove or reject5disagree, argue, or protest6denykeetuntunɛtunetunètunɛɛma, ŋwase
tun2Mvbe sick or in ill healthkeetuntunɛtunetunètunɛɛ
tuŋŋHideolook intentlyWvú taa bó nɛn tuŋŋ.He is looking at them like that so intently.
tuseLHvscatter something, especially soilkeetusetusetuusetuusètusɛɛ