Nooni - English


yaa1Hvboil or steam something to dry it so that it can be preserved for a long timekeeyaayaayaaleyaalèyalɛɛ
yaa2Lnegno, not; always in an yaa…kɛ grammatical constructionKɛ me n'yaa ŋkee kɛ.I don’t know.
yaa boneneMM MLLadjnot easy
yaa fane kɛ fiɛidunafraid
yaa gomte diuwiddislike problems
yaa jee kɛidnot goodjee
yaa kɛɛse kɛ weeidfinding no problem
yaa kɛŋke fan kɛid1fearless or unafraid2courage or bravery; the ability to control fear in the face of danger or pain
yaa kɛŋke lemmeidjobless
yaa kooŋke ŋgɛw kɛidnot liking problems
yaamHHvstand aloof; not fully engaged or involved in something and ready to leave at any momentWvú yaame kɛ wa lo.She is not very involved (and ready to leave at any time).keeyaamyaamyaameyaamèyaamɛɛ
yaa temyi kɛkɛ ŋgɛw yaa nu kɛid1not difficult2not strong3not well; unhealthy
yaatɛnHHv1lighten2delivered from a burden or weight3how a woman who has put to birth is now free from the pregnancykeeyaatɛnyaatɛnyaateneyaatenèyaatenɛɛ
yaa waale kɛvnot quarrelling
yaayaaHHHHvcarry a baby on the shoulderkeeyayayaayaayaayaayaayaàyaayaɛtuutuu
yaayaa canidsymbolic action of hand on the head; a way of showing disappointment
YaayambashaLLHHHnpjuju that can be instituted by any common person and danced around women
yaleMMnin public; in the presence of other peopleɛmwa, ɛndan
yamHv1suck; to draw liquid into the mouth2breast feedkeeyamyamɛyamteyamtèyamɛɛmwewe, shomse
yamseHHvbreast feedyamseyamseeyamseèyamsɛɛ
yanɛnLMvbecome very excited about a new thing and long to have ityanɛnyaneneyanenèyanɛnɛɛ
yaŋsɛn1Hmh Hadv1early2quicklykeeyaŋsɛn
yaŋsɛn2LHadvearlyYaŋsɛn gɛn wɛne.Go early to the farm.